Valve pushes your Steam Deck booking forward once more

Valve pushes your Steam Deck booking forward once more ...

As more gamers get their hands on the handheld gaming PC, Valve is taking steps to beef up its production to meet the ever-growing demand for its gadget. Following a recent announcement from one of its employees, the Steam Deck reservation queue continues to grow.

Lawrence Yang, a Valve UX designer, has taken to Twitter to announce that Valve is increasing the amount of order emails per batch moving forward, implying that your Steam Deck reservation might be fulfilled sooner than you anticipated. It's unclear how many more invitations the company will send out to purchase the portable powerhouse will be welcomed.

Valve's effort in bringing more handheld gaming PCs to market should help to keep GPD Win 4 from falling into the same category as its official Docking solution.

By visiting the devices' official store page here, you may check out your Steam Deck reservation, and when your order is ready, you can expect both an email confirmation and a Steam notification.