In Tower of Fantasy, how do I complete the Ark quest?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I complete the Ark quest? ...

The Ark quest is a fairly straightforward quest that requires you to unravel the mystery surrounding Lucia. In Tower of Fantasy, there are so many quests that it is easy to miss and difficult to activate.

Tower of Fantasy Ark quest walkthrough

To get this quest, you will need to be at Chapter 4 of the main story. From the pause menu, go to Terminal and select the Story option. Click on Ark underneath Chapter 4-02 in the Truth of Omniun pannel.

To find these items, go to the Crown Mines Trapostaion Hub, and inside a large house there will be a mysterious letter. When you interact with that letter, you will be given the opportunity to accept the quest. After receiving the quest, you will have your first objective to listen to the mother-daughter conversation.

You can find the mother and daughter outside the house where you found the letter, under a shelter. Talk to the mother and then talk to the daughter. Afterwards, speak to Fredd, who is sleeping nearby, to inquire further about the rumors.

You can do that by walking or driving to the nearest Spacerift, or you can easily walk or drive there. At the dock, you will first notice some hallucinations of the people that were there. Now you will need to follow their voices by following the objectives. It will eventually lead you to a mysterious box, which will then disappear.

Now is the time to go to Hykros and talk to Adacs. From any of the Omnium Towers, you can go to Hykros and look for Adacs on the top by following the objective marker. It will complete the Ark quest in Tower of Fantasy. To check if the Ark quest is completed, go to the story pannel in Terminal.