Vehicles in Warzone can now traverse solid rock to kill players

Vehicles in Warzone can now traverse solid rock to kill players ...

After a clip depicted an in-game vehicle driving through a solid rock cover in order to eliminate one player, the Warzone Pacific community was surprised.

It's possible for players to encounter glitches or unusual in-game physics that can make the game feel chaotic.

Large rocks and boulders can be used to cover yourself in high-speed gunfights on maps like Caldera. However, a clip shared by one player demonstrates that these arent particularly effective against vehicles.

Reddit user schroepnuts stood behind a rock for safety while battling an enemy who was driving a jeep. Both the vehicle and the Redditor both circled around it as the latter opened fire.

The enemy then drove straight into the rock and eliminated the Redditor, even when they were directly behind the solid object. The Killcam showed the player being launched through the air as soon as the Jeep hit the rock.

Schroepnuts posted a video in the games subreddit with the following comment: I absolutely love the Warzone physics. This resulted in a wide range of responses from other players in the thread.

The events surrounding the incident were amusing to a few of the commenters, who one described the incident as funny. Another player responded to the video by jokely reminding the Redditor to continue to use their thermite.

As they explained, one player had seen this happen in the game before. In the early seasons, they made it easier to load, but you never know 100% whether or not youre actually protected by the cover.

It's impossible to know if you're truly safe behind a rock as a result of this strange occurrence. Hopefully, the Warzone 2 developers will ensure that this problem doesnt arise in the sequel as soon as it arrives.

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