In Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL, which Ace Monster should you start with?

In Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL, which Ace Monster should you start with? ...

Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL is not like other Yu-Gi-Oh! games, instead merging multiple formats into a free-for-all Duel that will have players reacting to each other's moves in a limited amount of turns.

Players are tasked with summoning monsters in three lanes while attempting to cross the Duel Field in an attempt to direct an attack on the opponent at the end of that path.

CROSS DUEL's goal is to eliminate your opponents or have the most Life Points at the end of eight turns by using well-timed summons, spells, and traps. You will need to develop a deck that can both exert offensive pressure on weak targets while also being able to withstand incoming attacks from many angles.

The selection of an Ace Monster for your deck is one of the most essential aspects of deck building in this new format.

What is Yu-Gi-Oh!CROSS DUEL and what is it?

Ace Monsters are powerful cards that represent a number of Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, from the familiar Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician to the newer Sevens Road Magician and Multistrike Dragon Dragias.

CROSS DUEL has added another anime element, drawing from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series and allowing one creature to act as your Deckdown's heart and soul, allowing you to trigger a Duel in your favor.

After completing the course, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of famous Ace Monsters to start your collection. However, it is important to be aware of how they work.

Yu-Gi-Oh!CROSS DUEL: How do Ace Monsters work?

Ace Monsters will always be included in a player's starting hand, although they can't always be used immediately since they require multiple tributes to bring out.

Once summoned, these powerful monsters tend to have special Master Skills that can change the course of battle. This includes the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which is able to destroy any single Monster on the field when summoned to combat.

Just be aware that you may set almost any Monster in the game as an Ace Monster, although it doesn't have to be one of the cards you select at the start, as those will be the most common, especially early on. It all depends on what style you want to play, what benefits your Deck the most, or what monsters you want to make shine.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!CROSS DUEL, which Ace Monster to choose at the start?

Any Monster may become your Ace Monster, but at the start, you'll be given a selection of cards that all relate to famous Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. And although any Monster may be useful in this role, there is no mistake.

The majority of cards have serviceable skills that are able to make excellent boss plays when you have the resources available. There are, however, others that are a challenge to start with and require a deeper understanding of CROSS DUEL and its systems in order to achieve the best results.

In that initial selection, Dark Magician is the best, and worst, example. Because it is such an iconic monster, many players may select the Spellcaster without a second glance at its Master Skill, which is a mistake that might put them off from playing the game.

Dark Magicians Master Skill is ideal for a Spell-centric deck because he can do 300 damage to all other players when he is on the field. On the surface, it sounds great, but when you consider that you only have a handful of cards you can use to attack, defend, or pay tribute to bring Dark Magician out, things get complicated.

Here are a few suggestions you may make from the Ace Monster selection if you want to have a better time in the lower ranks.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!CROSS DUEL, which are the best Ace Monsters to choose at the start?

Kaibas' ace is one of the best early choices, while Yugis is among the worst.

With 3,000 ATK and 2,500 DEF, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has the most direct Master Skill you will find.

Blue-Eyes allows you to destroy any single Monster on the Field, regardless of which lane it is in. This is obviously not the case for monsters who have Skills that allow them to avoid being targeted or that are saved by strategic Trap Cards, but it is a good way to maintain some control of the board in an offensive or defensive manner.

Neos have the ability to do things that Yu-Gi-Oh! players refer to as floating to an extent. This means that you gain some degree of advantage even when he is destroyed, which in this case results in him returning to your hand once he has been destroyed in battle.

If the Master Skill does go into effect, you can use Speedy Summon to bring Neos back out for only a single tribute, though it will lose 1,000 ATK and DEF as a result, and Superspeed. The latter allows Neos to quickly cross the lane he is in, leading to more oppressive movement.

Neos becomes more efficient to use and can really put pressure on any of your opponents when you start stacking Skills.

Yusei Fudo was well-known in the anime for swarming the Field or providing advantage. Stardust Dragon fits perfectly into that, as its Master Skill gives Reincarnation to all of your Level three or lower monsters while it is on the Field.

This is ideal for swarming the Field with weaker monsters, and bringing out Stardust when you are really ready to bring the heat, since you always have monsters to summon in the lanes.

Not only that, when Stardust is slain, not just in battle, it returns to your hand with all of its Skills negated. This means you can reuse it as a 2,500 ATK Monster ready for another round of action. Not too bad if you play around cards that can pop it right away, like other Ace Monsters.

Blue-Eyes If it was a missile barrage rather than a single focused strike, Red Dragon Archfiend will destroy all DEF Position monsters on the Field at the end of each Battle Phase it is active for. This includes your own, but if you choose this card, you are likely to go all out with offensive cards, or can at least envisage around summoning them.

This is a good choice if you want an easy early pick simply because you wont have to think too hard about where to place the 3,000 ATK beatstick, and it will fit into practically any Deck.

Do you like Pendulum Decks? If so, this is your pick.

Odd-Eyes can be fought like any other Monster, but when you Pend Summon it all of your monsters gain 800 ATK and DEF, plus immunity to destructive effects, like trap Cards and Skills. Very powerful and can easily give you an advantage, but you have to choose the correct Pend Deck.

Second verse, same as the first. If you like Link Summoning, this is your choice since Firewall Dragon will only be fully unleashed when you have multiple Link Monsters in play or rotation.

The more Link Monsters you have, the stronger your Firewall can be. Here is just a summary of its Master Skill.

  • Depending on the number of Link Monsters or monsters with Link Arrows on your Field or in your Graveyard:
    • One: Immunity to position change (very needed since it has no DEF)
    • Two: Superspeed
    • Three: Hyperspeed
    • Four: Select one Monster and return it to the hand
  • One: Immunity to position change (very needed since it has no DEF)
  • Two: Superspeed
  • Three: Hyperspeed
  • Four: Select one Monster and return it to the hand
  • One: Immunity to position change (very needed since it has no DEF)
  • Two: Superspeed
  • Three: Hyperspeed
  • Four: Select one Monster and return it to the hand

Once things are settled out, you'll likely see a lot of Firewall in high-tier play, but you'll have to improve your deck collection in order to get the most from a Deck utilizing it as the Ace.

Try your luck. Use Inventor and draw a random Skill to make your own. That is what Sevens Road Magician and its coinciding Deck play are like.

The more you use Inventor, the stronger Road Magician can become because you are already stacked other monsters with new Skills throughout the game. This Ace Monster gains 400 ATK and DEF for every time you have had a monster use Inventor, making it one of the game's strongest cards.

If you summon Road Magician after a total of four Inventor Skills have been activated, it gains two random Immunity Skills, which might make it untouchable. A risky play, but one that you might enjoy if you like to gamble a bit.

Dragias gives your monsters an Extra Attack buff while it is on the Field, which increases their ATK by an additional 500 when attacking directly.

If you haven't yet learned the games rules, this buff may stack with existing Skills, resulting in them receiving double Extra Attack bonuses along with Pierce. This means they can deal damage through DEF position monsters.

Dark Magician, Ojama King, Number 39: Utopia, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir, and Trickstar Holly Angel arent bad choices. They are just far more situational and probably will not be as useful in as many situations as some of the other options.

All of these Ace Monsters may be removed from the Gacha system, so you dont have to worry about being locked out of playing them. And, of course, any monster in the game may be used as an Ace, or you may put them into the Deck as regular cards. It all depends on how you want to play.