Star Trek: Discovery star praises show's "infinite diversity" narrative

Star Trek: Discovery star praises show's "infinite diversity" narrative ...

Wilson Cruz of Star Trek: Discovery has praised the franchise's "infinite diversity."

At the Dragon Con convention, the actor, who plays Dr Hugh Culber in the sci-fi series, talked about the series' progressive nature.

"Star Trek is defined as infinite diversity in infinite combinations," he said (via Variety). "If that's true, and if that's our objective, progress toward that must be modelled.

"Science fiction is what it does for us, it helps us imagine what this will be like, and it is inherently political."

Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Captain Michael Burnham, addressed critics of Discovery in July, particularly those who claim that the program has gone too far from the original Star Trek formula.

"The fan base for the franchise as a whole, and the fanbase for Discovery, in particular, is a very intelligent, loyal group," said the author.

"These are very intelligent people who have such a passion and passion and loyalty to the franchise, that they have a ownership; they've carried it with them for years, and it's meant a lot to them."

"So, because of that, their voices deserve to be heard, and we applaud their voices, even if they disagree with us." Even if they're criticizing, it's like, 'I understand where you're coming from, though it's because this means a lot to you.'

"And there are many people who are like, 'But I like the changes.' "And yet, there are so many different opinions, and isn't that the whole point? That's the whole point of diversity and inclusion, and everybody must be represented."

Seasons 1 and 4 of Star Trek: Discovery are now available on Paramount+.