Mackenzie Boyd, who plays a mystery lover in Emmerdale, feels harassed in new scenes

Mackenzie Boyd, who plays a mystery lover in Emmerdale, feels harassed in new scenes ...

Following are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Mackenzie Boyd of Emmerdale is in hot water after cheating on Charity, but that one-night stand looks like it might be about to devastate him.

After learning Charity had suffered an etopic pregnancy, Mackenzie and Charity went through the loss of their baby.

After this, Charity and Mackenzie found themselves struggling to communicate with one another, and he sought comfort in the arms of another, more mysterious lady.

Mackenzie is soon convinced that he would never see his lover again, and that his attempts to persuade her to stop contacting him fail.

Charity chooses to communicate openly and honestly with Mack, explaining the impact losing their baby had on her, and indicating that she may be willing to continue to want to have a child together in the future.

Mackenzie is now more remorseful for what happened, and he makes the decision to tell her the truth.

Charity leads him upstairs to the bedroom, but he decides not to rock the boat and risk losing her.

Mackenzie book a vacation to Ibiza for the couple, and Charity is enthralled by the thought of a vacation.

Mackenzie may skip the country, for he soon receives another call from his mysterious admirer, and he declares that he does not want her to contact him again.

Mackenzie appears to be hesitant to give up on him, whoever this person is. However, who is his mystery lover, how far will they go, and does Mack have any chance of being forgiven by Charity if she discovers what he did?

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