The Greatest Movie Parodies And Other Songs by Weird Al Yankovic

The Greatest Movie Parodies And Other Songs by Weird Al Yankovic ...

Weird Al Yankovic, an award-winning pop culture icon of any and all eras, has been entertaining audiences across the world for more years than most of his fans have ever been alive. One of the topics that the expert parodist has returned to time and again throughout his genre-spanning career has been films (and he is no stranger to jumping on the screen himself).

While they wont be included on this list, I do believe there is a midnight film trilogy element to the trio of tracks Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars, Slime Creatures from Outer Space, and "Nature Trail to Hell." Lets start off with a Weird Al classic that isnt that far off from those fantastic sci-fi stories.

"The Saga Begins" (Running with Scissors)

Weird Al provided a pitch-perfect twist on Don McLeans American Pie by laying out the plotline for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Despite his hed penned temporary lyrics based on internet spoilers, Yankovic was permitted to shoot the film prior to its release, and reportedly did not have to make any changes to the script.

"The Rye or the Kaiser" is the theme from Rocky XIII.(In 3-D)

Weird Al Yankovic's favorite track from the album in 3-D (and for much of his career) was easily the Michael Jackson spoof Eat It, but dont let it overshadow the food-punching parody Theme from Rocky XIII, set to the tune of Survivors Eye of the Tiger. Granted, this version of Sylvester Stallones boxer is far beyond his prime at this fictional point in the series that obviously doesnt tie into the franchises ever-expanding

"Gump" (Bad Hair Day)

The Weird Als album Bad Hair Day was released nearly two years after Forrest Gump was released. It was so big that Gump didnt feel completely out of place in 1996. It may have helped that the track it was based on, the 95 film The Presidents of the United States of America, was even more relevant than the movie.

"Spy Hard" (Medium Rarities)

Weird Al's performance of the opening theme to a spoof film starring comedy genius Leslie Nielsen was a game changer, and the song itself is as timeless as anything in Yankovic's collection Medium Rarities.

"Gandhi II" (UHF)

Even if there is music involved, this isnt a song, as it is. The Weird Als 1989 film UHF is by no means the least timeless entry on this list, given that it isn't overtly respectful of anything on display. But it's a stupid idea both on paper and in action.

"Here's Johnny" (Polka Party!)

The subject matter of the Polka Party songs serves more toward the TV side, since it is a tribute to Ed McMahon, host of The Tonight Show, and his iconic Heres Johnny introduction for Johnny Carson. But the reason for it to be on this list is because it is a recreation of the 1986 film Whos Johnny, which was the theme from the sci-fi comedy Short Circuit. The title refers to the instantly identifiable robot Johnny 5, who's name is inspired by the track itself.

"Jurassic Park" (Alapalooza)

Alapaloozas Jurassic Park was a track that was born shortly after Steven Spielberg's blockbuster, and it was parodied a song that many younger listeners (of any era) might not know: Weird Als' vocal range in ways that stand out from other songs. I have to once again mention the terrible claymation music video, which was created by future Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne and Celebrity Deathmatch animator Scott Norlund.

"This Is the Life" (Dare to be Stupid)

This Is The Life is a comedy song that depicts a gangsters' no-object lifestyle, and it was not intended for the Michael Keaton comedy Johnny Dangerously. The ridiculous music video was created after the film was released, though it does not appear to have shared scenes with Keaton.

"Amish Paradise" (Bad Hair Day)

Amish Paradise is a cover for Michelle Pfeiffers' 1995 film Dangerous Minds. The music video (and album cover) spoofed the source material, allowing Pfeiffer to reprise her film role. It's worth noting that this is the most strife-adjacent song in Yankovics career, given Coolios' initial claims that he never gave permission for the parody to be made public.

"Ode to a Superhero" (Poodle Hat)

Ode to a Superhero is a retelling of Sam Raimi's first comic book filmmaking, 2002s Piano Man, set to the beat of Billy Joel's classic Piano Man. Id love for him to re-lyric this song for Andrew Garfield's debut in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, and then again for Tom Hollands as the webslinger in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Perhaps its happened elsewhere in the multiverse.

"Captain Underpants Theme Song" (Film Soundtrack)

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie was the perfect debut for a kids-focused franchise that believes in being as silly as possible. (I got you, Weird Al.) Plus, George and Harold are well-known for listening to his music in the book series.

"Lasagna" (Even Worse)

This is probably the least deserving entry on this list, but I wont be esoteric about such things. The song based on La Bamba as performed by Richie Valens and Los Lobos is a 1958 recording based on a Mexican folk song. However, the main reason the food-based single exists is because of the 1987 biopic La Bamba.

"Yoda" (Dare to be Stupid)

Another Dare to be Stupid single, Yoda, is a sway-worthy take on The Empire Strikes Back from Luke Skywalker's perspective. This track gets extra points for naming Yoda a Muppet, given that the Jedi Master was the hand and voice that gave him life.

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