RHOBH Star Removes Disgusting Remark About Co-Star

RHOBH Star Removes Disgusting Remark About Co-Star ...

Following outrage, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actor has deleted a Facebook post she made about her co-star.

Erika Jayne shared a screenshot from a news article published by the Los Angeles Times in which her ex-husband Tom Girardi was said to be having an affair with a judge who lived in a beachfront condo in Santa Monica, California, on August 31, 2022.

Erika captioned the post, and Erikas BFF took to the comments section to insult Sutton Stracke.

Henny and Rinna wrote another LA Times article for you. Her reply recalled a previous LA Times article that highlighted Girardis legal difficulties, which took place on an earlier episode of RHOBH.

Rinnas' comment on the post has since been removed.

Here's all you need to know about it:

RHOBH Fans Criticized Rinna for Her Post

(@theprettymess) has shared a comment.

Rinnas' Instagram post was commented by several RHOBH followers, many of whom were surprised that she wrote such a thing.

One person wrote, adding, Team Sutton. You are terrible.

Youre being really nasty. This is dreadful. People are allowed to question things, especially when the behavior is serious, or someone else has commented.

Rinna's comment was discussed on Reddit, where followers shared their opinions on her behavior. As many fans pointed out, Stracke supporters have been known to refer to themselves as Sluttons. Rinna isn't aware of this.

One comment reads that she is just so EW with her using henny and slutshaming Sutton.

Jesus Christ the audacity, she's almost 60 and acts like a 12 year old. Not that Im saying anything new, but I feel like you can't say enough times FIRE RINNA, as someone else said.

She's a nasty twisted human being. She's probably sitting there so proud of herself as well. The 3 Cs are making it unbearable to watch, a third Redditor chimped in.

Im completely confused by her savage comment.. what does Sutton have to do with the article?! A fourth was added.

After a judge ruled in Erika's favor, Rinna publicly showed her support for her.

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Erikas' $5 million case was ruled in her favor on August 31, 2022.

The judgment is critical because it is the first time that a Court of law has looked at ALL the supposed evidence against Erika, and the Court found in Erikas favor. In a statement provided to Heavy, Ronald Richards and other attorneys submitted all of the opposition papers and evidence for the plaintiffs, which they could find.

Erika posted the news on Instagram, and Rinnas's actions received a lot of criticism.

Rinna wrote of THELMA. Instagram users responded.

@lisarinna you are vile and rude. Get a hold of yourself, one person said.

@lisarinna you are so two-faced, someone else has been added.

@lisarinna oh great, and we all know how that film ended. I cant wait for you both to be in the unemployment line for poor acting, a third comment read.