The Real Housewife Unveils Her Most Haunting Family Rumor

The Real Housewife Unveils Her Most Haunting Family Rumor ...

A Real Housewives actor has shared a rumor about her family, and she's had a good reaction.

Diana Jenkins, who is a newbie to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, posted a photo of a blind item that she discovered online. The rumor involved Jenkins' fiance Asher Monroe.

The much younger significant other of this really new Housewife is meeting up with the couple's nanny, according to reports. A GIF of Jenkins has been added to the reality stars post.

Jenkins didnt have to deny the story flat out as she had the perfect reply. In the caption she explained that she doesn't even have a nanny. It's her 77-year-old mother who watches her daughter, Eliyanah.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Jenkins said the rumor made the whole family laugh.

Sanela Diana Jenkins (@sdjneuro) has shared a post.

Jenkins took the rumor to face value and included a joke about it in the caption.

According to sources close to a particular housewife, her current nanny is her 77-year-old mother. The same one that helped her raise her first two children. However, her much younger significant other prefers an older woman, making everything seem plausible. Thank you internet. For once, you made the whole family laugh, she captioned the post.

A couple of her RHOBH co-stars have dropped by the comments section to repeat how ridiculous the story was.

Kyle Richards left a string of tears with a laughter emoji before returning to add, this is the winner.

Erika Jayne wrote three posts in which she expressed her joy with a smile.

Jenkins has taken legal action against outlets that have published slanderous information about her.

Sanela Diana Jenkins (@sdjneuro) has shared a link to her blog.

Jenkins' RHOBH season hasnt been a pleasant one for her, who has been featured in negative headlines everywhere. She has done her part to calm the negative rumors and posts on social media, but she has also hired a team to assist her in more serious situations.

For example, her rep told Heavy that the team is attempting to remove fake social media accounts of people pretending to be Jenkins from the internet.

Jenkins revealed that on August 31, 2022, her lawyers have sent notices to several organizations that have published untrue information about her and/or her family.

I will no longer sit back and allow irresponsible journalists, bloggers, and social media commentators to disseminate my name with impunity. I have instructed my attorneys to take whatever action is necessary to correct these fraudulent statements and to pursue justice against those who have been using them. Jenkins captioned a photo showing cease-and-desist letters that were sent to various publications.

She has since deleted any comments on several of her Instagram posts.

Jenkins will not be able to return to RHOBH for another season.