Daisy May Cooper, a taskmaster favorite, talks about her separation from her husband

Daisy May Cooper, a taskmaster favorite, talks about her separation from her husband ...

Daisy May Cooper has revealed her separation from her husband.

Will Weston, a four-year-old This Country star and Taskmaster series 10 contestant, married in 2019 after four years together. But the couple split in 2021, just weeks after the birth of their second child, their second child Jack.

"Will is incredible, an incredible, incredible dad," she told The Times. "But, fundamentally, there was no genuine love there.

"I don't believe there ever was, really." "It's weird. And I think he's quite adamant about that. And then the lockdown was like shining a spotlight on it."

Cooper continued by saying she believes they got married for the wrong reasons; she said it was "because we just reached the age of, 'oh f***, should we settle down now?' That's what people in their 30s do.

After having a baby, Cooper said she didn't regret ending her marriage so soon.

"If anything, the biggest issue was I stuck around too long," she said.

"And you know when something's just not working. I think we both tried to make it work, but it probably hadn't been working for some, three years?

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"I think all women do it. Especially when you've got kids, you try to have this nuclear family at the expense of everything." Why? What's the point?

"It's only now, actually, that I'm beginning to be honest about who I am and live the lifestyle I believe I should live, and not for anybody else."

Cooper, who has a 4-year-old daughter Pip, announced the birth of her son in 2020, revealing that she'd honor a late co-star with his name.

"Lots of people have been asking what the bubbas name is," she wrote on Instagram.

"He has been named Jack Michael Weston. The middle name Michael [is] after our dear friend Michael Sleggs, who we lost last year." May the spirit of Sluggs live on.