Paul Hollywood, the judge of the Great British Bake Off, jokes that 'Mary Berry hates Prue Leith.'

Paul Hollywood, the judge of the Great British Bake Off, jokes that 'Mary Berry hates Prue Leith.' ...

If The Great British Bake Off has taught us anything, it's that baking is all about attention to detail.

Even the judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, have developed different strategies to perfect classics and give themselves an edge over their professional competitors.

Prue referred to Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich recipe in a recent Radio Times interview, while addressing an age-old baking question that you probably haven't heard of.

"I'll tell you what the great debate always involves with Victoria sandwiches is: Do you make it using the creaming method?

"Do you mix the sugar and the butter together?" You either mix all of the ingredients in together, or you cream it first.

Paul remained unconcerned about either technique until he said, "In my book I use the creaming technique, but, to be honest, I'll just dump it all in when I'm making one at home."

Mary and Prue use these two methods to compete, but they also employ other methods.

Prue continued: "I always believe Mary Berry's all-in-one approach is my go-to method. I'd like to do a scientific test. I think the all-in-one approach is a bit heavier, a little more solid..."

Paul then couldn't resist the temptation to stir up some controversy when he began chanting: "Mary hates Prue!"

Prue continued to laugh and dropped the bombshell that she prefers Mary's cookbooks to Paul's.

"I'll tell you what, Paul Hollywood," she replied, "I'll probably lift up Mary Berry's cake book a bit more than I do yours. I use you for bread and Mary for cakes."

The judges will be able to resume their regular routines on the next Bake Off series that begins next week with a whole new cast of novice bakers. Who will rise to the challenge and who will fall victim to a soggy bottom?

The Great British Bakeoff will be renewed on Channel 4 on Tuesday 13 September. In the United States, it is known as The Great British Baking Show and is available on Netflix.