In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you obtain and use the Royal Tools?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you obtain and use the Royal Tools? ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley, an extension of Animal Crossing, has a wide range of supplies for you to use and land to renovate to make your own. These tools are used to gather materials, clear new paths, and uncover secrets long forgotten by the world. Here is how you obtain and use the Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the Royal Tools

Merlin will dispatch you to find the Royal Tools not long after you start the game and gain access to your house. These four tools are scattered around the plaza and the meadows, but you are never told where they are.

The Watering Can is hidden beneath some Night Thorns. Go outside your house and begin clearing the Night Thorns next to it. Behind the barrels in the small garden outside your house is where you will find the Watering Can.

You will see the Pickaxe on the opposite side of the plaza. There is a bank building with Scrooge standing out front. Go behind the bank and you will see the Pickaxe stuck in a large rock.

The Shovel is also found in Dreamlight Valley's plaza area. Go to the other side of the plaza and you will find a shovel between a lamp post and the Chez Remy building.

The last of the Royal Tools will not be found until you have received the Pickaxe. Go down the steps from the plaza to the meadow. The steps are to the left of where you found the Pickaxe. Break the rocks at the bottom of the stairs and go over to the nearby pond. After picking it up, you will need to purchase a new Fishing Rod.

How to use the Royal Tools

Each of the Royal Tools is used for a different purpose. For Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, click ZR or RT to open the tool menu. It will launch in your characters' hands.

The Shovel can be used to dig up various objects and create holes for seeds. The Pickaxe can be used to break rocks and gemstones. The Fishing Rod can be used in the ponds to gather fish. The Watering Can can be used to care for your garden and the various plants around Dreamlight Valley.