On Switch, Disney Dreamlight Valley makes you feel the love tonight

On Switch, Disney Dreamlight Valley makes you feel the love tonight ...

If there are two things I like in life, it's Disney and the Nintendo Switch, so whenever the two come together, I just have to make it a part of my world. Since its initial release, I've kept an eye on Disney Dreamlight Valley, as the game takes us to a world packed with Disney characters in a somewhat fixer-upper area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game that consists of the simplest tasks of crafting, cooking, fishing, and construction, as well as the occasional introduction of newcomers to the valley. Theres one thing you cant find here that you would find in Stardew Valley.

It's unsurprising, but I should point it out just in case: there is no romantic interest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Rather, in a way similar to Animal Crossing, it's all about platonic relationships. While this might be a disappointment for those who like to live a life with that special virtual person, there's simply no way Disney will ever allow that with its characters.

I like that Disney Dreamlight Valley shares this similarity with AC, as friendships are important in life, and the thought that I can make friends with certain characters I grew up with fills me with pride. Elsa and Anna, too, because anybody who knows me will most likely know that Frozen is my favorite Disney IP. It's a pleasure to join the royal sisters on some adventures.

Other Disney and Pixar characters you can currently encounter in the valley, including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Minnie Mouse, Ursula, Scar, Eric, Remy, and others.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may notice that there are some villains to familiarize yourself with, and when you combine this with some of the dialogue choices you can choose, it becomes clear that you do not necessarily have to be the wonderful guy that the Disney world's heroes expect you to be. This leads me nicely to the narrative and what exactly you need to do.

The reason you're here is because you've left your city life behind. While you travel to your next destination, you take a few days off, only to wake up and discover yourself in a rather dismal looking place that is stuffed with purple thorns and a disused structure. Soon enough, Merlin arrives, revealing that you're in Dreamlight Valley, a place that once was a wonderful haven where many people gathered to chat.

The Forgetting, a dark force, engulfs the valley, causing it to collide with all of the biomes through the use of impenetrable thorns. Many of the characters leave the valley, while those who remain forget important information.

You've chosen to be here now, because it turns out you've a fondness for magic and are able to remove the small thorns that plague the main valley. After you do, the game's primary objective becomes clear, as you now have to bring back characters, restore order to the land, and uncover who The Forgotten is.

From what Ive seen so far, the Disney Dreamlight Valley story is a treat, and I cant wait to see how it evolves over time. There are also plenty of smaller adventures for you to take part in, as each of your friends in the valley has a lot of tasks to assist them with. For example, Mickey Mouse is desperate for Minnie Mouse to return to the valley, and you have the power to do it.

After you enter the Frozen realm, you discover yourself in the Enchanted Forest, where all of nature's spirits are in jeopardy, and Anna and Elsa must help you restore order to the area. Anna will return to Dreamlight Valley if you complete the various missions. Another favourite realm from the ones I have been to is Ratatouille. Here, you meet Remy in his restaurant, and you must assist him with service.

I recommend you start with the Ratatouille Realm as it allows you to explore various cooking concepts. It also allows you to invite the famous little chef to your village, where you can help him establish a restaurant, which in turn gives you access to new ingredients. Trust me. You want to familiarize yourself with cooking.

First of all, it gives you ample time to recharge your batteries, which you need to use to perform various tasks such as fishing and mining. Secondly, it is one of the easiest ways to strengthen strong bonds with the residents of Dreamlight Valley, because most of them possess an interest in food.

As far as friendships go, fishing, mining, and construction go hand in hand. Gems also make wonderful presents.

Many of these activities require energy. When you feel tired to do more tasks, you can either return to your house for instant rest or eat a good meal. At no point do I feel that I am lacking energy to use.

As you strengthen your bonds and strengthen your friendships, you increase the rank of your avatar, which in turn increases your energy bar. So, look around and see how the Gameloft team at Gameloft takes care to ensure you can always perform daily tasks to help rebuild the valley.

The valley is vast, and not all of it is immediately accessible. Thorns restrict access to numerous areas such as the beach, the forest, and the mountain pass. This is where dreamlight comes into play. This magical currency is earned through the completion of everyday tasks such as harvesting vegetables or cooking a meal.

The beauty of the meadow and the beach carries a certain charm, while the forest is ethereal in its beauty, despite its darkness. Perhaps I have a certain fondness for the Forest of Valor due to a certain ice house that appears there. It's about being who you are and not letting the past hold you back.

I think that's a good thing about Disney Dreamlight Valley's sound design. The first time I heard that famous Walt Disney tune, which plays at the start of every movie, a wave of nostalgia hit me. It brought me back to childhood with my mum for the very first time. It's a memory I cherish, and for a game to take me there's something special.

From the Walt Disney theme, Part of your World, A Whole New World, and the Ratatouille main theme, you can hear specific Disney tunes as you explore the valley.

Okay, I agree that Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great game to play, and I am certainly glad that it's a part of my world, but there are a few issues in the gameplay department. To be more specific, the game kicks me out once every hour without fail, and while this isnt a deal breaker, it's frustrating when Im nearly done with a quest, and you have to repeat it again.

Moreover, I am in the unfortunate position of being unable to bring Wall-E, a lovely planet-loving robot, to the valley. The mission has gotten so bad that a task I have completed is repeated and is impossible to complete again, thus the poor little bot must remain in his grave. However, the game is in early access, and this is the period in which Gameloft is likely to patch issues.

I know that these issues are easily fixed and I am certain that by the time the whole launch will arrive, Wall-E will be in my valley where both will enjoy spending the evenings gardening. Despite its performance issues, I cant deny the beauty of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the game is visually stunning, and I look forward to transforming it.

I can't recommend Disney Dreamlight Valley enough on the whole. The creators pack is a solid purchase to obtain access to the game. Better yet, you get to experience a completely different world, and that's something that Disney and life sim fans alike can enjoy. So go on, meet your childhood heroes, and be their neighbor and friend.