13 New Girl Inside Jokes That Still Make Me Laugh

13 New Girl Inside Jokes That Still Make Me Laugh ...

New Girl is a long-running television series that is filled with inside jokes that improve and improve with each rewatch. That's what makes it one of Netflix's most binge-able shows.

The majority of New Girl inside jokes are related to the outrageous personalities of the hilarious characters on the program. Lets take a look at the funniest inside jokes that run throughout the series.

The Gang Is Bad At Dating

It's not a secret that most of the apartment 4D residents are extremely averse to lovethe series literally begins with Jess trying to surprise her boyfriend with a strip tease, only to discover that he's cheating on her.

Jess isnt the only person who has bad luck in terms of romance. Nicks is always dumped, Cece only dates assholes, Winston is painfully awkward, and Schmidt cant seem to entice a woman without lying about himself in some way or another.

Jess Loves Dirty Dancing

The first stage of a breakup for Jess isnt denial, it's just lounging on the couch and repeating Dirty Dancing.

Every time Jess goes through a breakup, she watches Dirty Dancing, sometimes tearfully singing along to (Ive Had) The Time of My Life. Nick and Jess sing the song together from different rooms.

When Nick and Jess get engaged, the film is also playing, reminding us how far she has come in her quest for love.

Nicks Finances

Throughout the series, we learn a lot about Nick's precarious financial situation. He doesnt trust banks, claiming that banks are simply paper bags with fancy walls, and his entire financial history is kept in a drawer in his closet for protection.

Nick is in huge debt (the box is stuffed with unpaid bills and notices from debt collectors) and owes far too much money to all of his pals. He does not have health insurance.

Jess is eventually able to persuade Nick to open a bank account, although he insists on fighting with the teller over the $8 fee.

Winston Is Bad At Pranks

Winston loves pranks of all kinds. The only problem is that he always goes way too big or too small.

Prank Sinatra's escapades range from putting a little juice by his shoe to releasing a live badger into the air ducts above the Ceces wedding ceremony. He just can't seem to find the perfect match.

Winston gets married legally and officially as a joke.

Nick Considers Himself A Writer

Nick is a bartender, but he believes he is a writer. His primary project during the early seasons is Z is for Zombie, a Zombie romance novel that certainly does not have any similarities to Twilight. The novel will eventually be completed when he finishes Z is for Zombie, complete with a word search (to engage the readers) and 38 different rhythm variations.

Nicks aspirations come to an end when he actually becomes a best-selling young adult author with The Pepperwood Chronicles.

Schmidts Pronunciation

Schmidt is well-known for putting his own flair to the pronunciation of a lot of words. His errors include weird words like "room like rum" or "kids youths" with an emphasis on the TH.

Many of his pronunciations are much more annoying, such as pronouncing coupons like cuppons or really making sure to say every syllable of the word chutney while also putting one ("TUH") in the middle. He is also a fan of shortening words and phrases in order to make them sound cooler, such as calling significant others sig-oths or referring to the sabotage of the Ceces wedding as sabo.

Nick And Schmidt Were College Roommates

When Nick and Schmidt were placed as roommates in their freshman dorm, we often hear flashbacks to their time as dorm-mates, where Nick is usually wearing a tie-dye and a mustache, and Schmidt is a much larger version of himself.

Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield developed a friendship over shared bunk beds and a shared inability to talk to girls. The greatest part of this joke is that both young Nick and young Schmidt are still played by Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield.

Winston Loves His CatA Lot

In Season 3, Winston adopts his cat, Ferguson, after he steals him from an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him. Though he originally intended on killing the cat to retaliate against his ex, Winston and Ferguson develop a bond that is deeper than any human bond.

Winston's whole personality is kind of taken over by being a cat father. As the series progresses, Winston even tries to play as a wingman for Ferguson prior to his neutering surgery.

Schmidts Real Name

Schmidt's real first name (Schmidt is his last name) lasted six seasons. Fans of New Girl finally came up with a correct answer: Winston.

Yep, there are two Winstons in the group. Schmidt decides to go by his real name in an effort to be more professional. However, the whole idea is vetoed when Cece calls Schmidt Winston in the bed and the two of them are too enraged to continue.

Nicks Best Friend Is An Old Man Named Tran

Nick's best friend is an old man named Tran, contrary to what Schmidt would tell you. The two met immediately after Nick guesses his name and Tran offers Nick some wise relationship advice. The friendship makes sense because Nick basically has the personality of an old man.

Tran never talks, so the advice he gives is meant to be inferred rather than heard. Regardless, Nick comes to think of the old man as his best friend and confidant. He even dates Trans granddaughter at one point, who admits that Nick is NOT her grandpas' best friend.

True American

True American is a drinking game with no discernable rules that some of the finest New Girl episodes occur amidst a game of lava.

Many websites have claimed to have gotten the True American code and have shared instructions on how to play, but I'm unconvinced. The cast have even stated that they have no clue how to play.

The best True American episode ends with Nick and Jess' first kiss.

The Douchebag Jar

Schmidt says things that are vexing, offensive, or just plain-up douchey. To be fair, these are some of his funny moments on the program.

The loft buddies have developed a system to keep Schmidt in checkeverytime he says something that makes everyone else cringe, and he has to put money in the Douchebag Jar.

As Schmidt becomes less of a douche, Nick gives him the jar so he can break it, reversing the glass used at Jewish weddings. It's a symbolic moment of development for Schmidt.

Nick Is Bad At Lying

Relatively bad.

Nick reveals that he cant lie. He begins to sweat so intensely that it becomes super obvious hes hiding something. It's ironic, considering his father was a professional con-man.

Nick can never keep a secret, but one of the worst examples of this is when he has to lie to a police officer in order to assist Winston during a house visit for the police academy.

Nick is left with the officer while the rest of the gang tries to get rid of the hidden meth in Jess's closet. The only thing he can do to prevent himself from divulging the secret is to sing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

Did you miss any of your favorite New Girl inside jokes?

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