Season 9 Predictions for The Flash: Cisco Returns, WestAllen Family, New Speedsters

Season 9 Predictions for The Flash: Cisco Returns, WestAllen Family, New Speedsters ...

The Flashseason 9 is set to be released this Fall and will premiere in early 2023, and it is the final episode of a decade on air. It's hard to imagine what a superhero television landscape would be like without this program, which has shaped so many that followed it, as a result of its huge heart, bright tone, and compassionate storytelling.

With only 13 episodes, The Flash season 9 may have limited space to run, but that also means The CWs flagship superhero property can still go out on its own terms, with a story that illustrates just what this series has always done so well. Here are a few things we need to seeand some we are still hoping for during the Flash's final season.

A Return to Fun, Simple Adventures

The Flash has always been the lighthearted entry in the Arrowverse, both literal and figuratively. Its a show that is at its finest when it comes to silly, over-the-top villains and problems that can be solved with simple lessons about love and friendship. But recent seasons have gotten bogged down in overly jarring narratives about rewriting reality or random humans becoming vessel to subliminal anthropomorphic nature gods.

The Flashseason 9 needs to get back to basics: Some low-stakes adventures that return to the rogues gallery (one of the best in all superhero fiction) or stories that reveal something new about the characters we care about, or that reveal something new about Iris time sickness. So here's hoping we'll spend the final episodes just reliving why we all loved this show in the first palace.

Barry and Iris Finally Start Their Family

We know that Barry and Iris have kids, but we have also seen both Bart and Nora many times over the course of the show. And, thanks to time travel showing us how old they are in the 2049 version of Central City, we also know that the West-Allens will start their family sometime very soon. And, is there a more poetic way to end The Flash than by stating that the Flash family will always be alive?

Barry and Iris deserves a little bit of domestic bliss before the series' run ends, since I can't imagine giving birth to speedsters to be anything like your average childbirth experience.

Back in Central City, Cisco Ramon and Other Familiar Faces

Cisco Ramon, an original member of Team Flash and a key member of the cast that crafted this program, deserves the opportunity to return in some capacity for this final run (I'm still stunned when he missed Frosts funeral), but fans deserve the chance to see Carlos Valdez and the original team Flash trioback for the first time.

If Wally West, Sara Lance, or Mia Queen pop up to discuss this iteration of the DC superhero universe in The Flash's final episodes, we'll get the opportunity to conclude the series in more ways than one. After all, Arrowverse series like Superman & Lois and Stargirl technically take place on different Earths, so this is the end of an era in many ways. There are certainly some still unresolved storylines, like the Legends imprisonment and Williams' disappearance.

One Last Reverse-Flash Faceoff

While The Flash's showrunner Eric Wallace insists that Tom Cavanagh's Reverse-Flash died in the Season 8 finale, Negative, Part Two, we all know that's unlikely at best (I mean how many times has Eobard Thawne died over the course of this show? How many times did he die just last season?) And, at the end of the day, is it possible for this show to conclude without one more face-off between Barry Allen and his greatest foe?

It's unclear how exactly the show will be able to resurrect or clone or port another version of Reverse-Flash from an alternate Earth or timeline. But it's the safest bet you could make on what will happen during this final season.

What Has Happened to Caitlin?

Caitlin Snow, who spent the final episode doing mad scientist-style cryo-chamber experiments on herself in an effort to resurrect or recreate her dead sister/icy alter ego Frost, is one of the few real cliffhangers from Season 8? Will she leave the chamber as a different version of Frost or just a Caitlin who has finally activated her latent ice meta abilities?

When it comes to Frosts existence or her connection to Caitlin, I think we can all agree that it's time for this poor girl to get a break. Whether it's therapy, a new love interest, or simply a return to her professional life as a scientist, she's suffered and lost.

Who is Max?

During Barry's Season 8 look for Iris, he spent time in the Still Force, where he saw many glimpses of his past, present, and future. We saw Cisco Ramon, Harry Wells, Wally West, and a figure that was only identified as Max. Now, it's possible that this Max is some random person who may one day be Barry's work buddy down at the CCPD, but given that this is The Flash, the odds are much greater that someone significant from Barry's

Max Mercury, a Golden Age speedster who was once known as Quicksilver (who existed long before Marvel's version of the same name), would finally be able to join Barry's Arrowverse family onscreen. After all, he must be someone important.

Give Chester and Allegra Their Shot

Chester and Allegra, who have shared their thoughts for the majority of the series, have essentially danced around their mutual admiration before retaliating to insisting theyre just best friends for the past two seasons. And as the series nears its conclusion, it's time to let Chellegra live.

The Flash has had a real slow-burn multi-season romance for a while, and while it's been wonderful to observe their relationship blossom and deepen rather than just being told repeatedly how much they care for each other, it's time for the show to just go for it. These two are adorable together, and their love story deserves a chance to shine.

Will That Blue Crystal Finally Introduce Cobalt Blue?

This is why the seemingly random appearance of a strange, glowing blue crystal in 2049 in Season 8's Negative, Part Two, suddenly feels so important. I mean, who could that be referring to?

Cobalt Blue is Barry's secret half-brother in the comics, and this is the sort of insane emotional twist that seems like a lot of fun to introduce into the world of a show with just a few episodes left in its run? Is it possible that some version of Eddie Thawnewho is after all, distantly related to Eobardcould somehow take his place?

More Bart and Nora Please

I realize I am not the only one who is holding out hope that soon we might get to see a next generation Arrowverse spinoff that involves the kids of our current onscreen favorites characters like Mia Queen, J.J. Diggle, and Nora West-Allen fighting crime together. However, given the state of this onscreen universe at the moment, there is no reason we cant expect another kid-centric episode or two before The Flash concludes.

Bart and Nora are a breath of fresh air in this series, and their presence manages to make even the most clunky, nonsensical stories more enjoyable to watch. Season 8 of Impulsive Excessive Disorder was one of the best series the show released this year, and it would be great to see what it could do with another episode, especially if it was some sort of flashforward that focused on their lives in the future.

A Jay Garrick Solo Adventure

The Flash will likely have to work on all of the fan service most of us would like to see before the credits roll for the last time. However, one thing that might be a nice tribute to both the show and the large onscreen Flash franchise is an hour that gives Jay Garrick his due.

For fans of the Flash character, having original recipe Flash John Wesley Shipp play Barry's father Henry Allen, speedster Jay Garrick, and alternate universe versions of Barry Allen in several crossovers has been a dream come true, but Shipp's fragmented appearances havent given us much time to learn much about any of the characters he's played. Why not give us an origin story about how this Flash came to be, or what his role as Barts mentor is like?