How to Get Fortnite Inferno Pack: Price, Contents, and Quests for Bonus V-Bucks

How to Get Fortnite Inferno Pack: Price, Contents, and Quests for Bonus V-Bucks ...

The highly anticipated Inferno Quest Pack has returned to Fortnite ahead of the fourth season of Chapter 3, so here's all you need to know about it, including its pricing, bonus V-Bucks, and how to complete the Quests.

Fortnite has been one of the most popular games in the world since it was launched in early 2018. There are a slew of rare skins and emotes that players may have missed the first time.

Epic Games has brought back the Inferno Challenge Pack from Season 3 of Chapter 3, now known as the Inferno Quest Pack, players may now earn a unique skin and bonus V-Bucks to spend in the Shop.

Here's how to get the Inferno Pack in Fortnite, as well as everything else included in the bundle, and how to complete the quests.

How to Get Fortnite Inferno Pack: Price and Bonus V-Bucks

For the Fortnite Inferno Pack to be purchased through V-Bucks, you will need to pay $11.99 USD or 9.99 per month. It's available either through the Item Shop or Epic Games Store.

With the pack, you'll receive a 1500 V-Bucks bonus, and because it's impossible to buy 1500 V-Bucks on its own, you'd need to spend at least $16.

Fortnite Inferno Quest Pack bundle content

The Inferno Quest Pack in Fortnite includes a fiery Inferno Outfit, a unique weapon wrap, and up to 1500 V-Bucks.

  • Inferno Outfit
  • Crimson Scythe Pickaxe
  • Burnmark Wrap
  • Infernos Quests: Earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks as you complete Quests!

How to Complete Fortnite Inferno Pack Quests and Earn Bonus V-Bucks in Fortnite Inferno Pack Quests

All of the Fortnite Inferno Pack V-Bucks will be earned by players who complete 14 daily bonus goals.

For Inferno Pack Quests, only the Daily Bonus Goals are at the top of the page count, and you can complete up to three of them a day. If youve already completed the Daily Bonus Goals, youll have to wait until 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST for them to reset.

Season 4 of Fortnite will be released after September 16, so you may test out the leaked first-person mode and every Battle Pass skin so far.