The most annoying weapon in Call of Duty 2 has been brought back by Modern Warfare 2

The most annoying weapon in Call of Duty 2 has been brought back by Modern Warfare 2 ...

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta is expected to launch later this month.

Weve all gone through it. Youre perfecting your loadout. Youre playing it cool and tactical. Youre Captain Price, Soap, and MacMillan rolled into one. When a competitor comes charging at you head on, you prepare your aim to deflect them with a headshot, and their riot shield, the major enemy of Modern Warfare multiplayer.

The riot shield is a campers dream. You just find a spot, crouch down, draw it out, and aim for people with a one-shot melee strike. I am certain there are people out there who will defend the riot shield as a complex and legitimate CoD strategy. But I have been duped out of an easy kill too many times to see the riot shield as anything but a nuisance.

Nevertheless, it seems to be making a comeback. If you click to the appropriate place in the latest Modern Warfare 2 gameplay trailer, you'll miss a blink-and-youll-miss-it moment where an operator in the campaign mode can be seen advancing safely and annoyingly hidden behind the riot shield.

If the riot shield is in single-player, you can pretty much guarantee it will be visible in multiplayer, so get your rockets, C4, and hand grenades ready to eliminate all of its annoying acolytes.

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