How to Increase Friendship Level in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Increase Friendship Level in Disney Dreamlight Valley ...

A sim game like Disney Dreamlight Valley would not be complete without a group of friends. In Animal Crossing, you have many villagers to interact with and build bonds with. In Dreamlight Valley, you have a ton of Disney Characters to get to know. Building a strong bond will help boost your abilities in the game as well as the abilities of the NPCs. Here is how to increase your Friendship Level in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to increase Friendship Level

The Friendship Level in Dreamlight Valley is an important feature that has an impact on what you have access to. When you interact with certain NPCs in the game, you will notice that number above their head inside a star. This level is your current friendship level. You can increase this level by doing tasks for the NPC, giving them gifts, and talking to them each day.

To increase your Friendship Level, every NPC requires different interactions. Make sure you only give the NPC what they are looking for during the day, and highlight this information when selecting a gift item from the dialogue menu.

After successfully completing the tasks above enough, your Friendship Level with that NPC will increase. This will open up new options for the NPC like hanging out. This will make the NPC follow you. During this time, you can increase your Friendship Level even further by performing tasks like fishing.

As your Friendship Level with different Disney characters rises, you may have them perform tasks for you or take on positions in the Dreamlight Valley community. You may also earn various rewards such as new clothes items, furniture, and Dreamlight coins.