The Wandering Village is a dinosaur city-building game

The Wandering Village is a dinosaur city-building game ...

The Wandering Village is an evolution of the traditional city-building game format, where players must construct their new metropolis on the back of a massive, meandering dinosaur. Youll have to battle ever-changing weather conditions and ecological hazards to keep your population alive in humanity's times of need.

The Wandering Village is a story both of survival and human innovation set in a time when global warming and toxic fumes have ruined the very soil beneath our feet. With the earth now uninhabitable, the last vestiges of society have chosen to rebuild on the top of The Colossus, a magnificent wandering landscape.

Despite the fact that our survivors refer to Onbu as a Japanese term for to keep oneself back pretty neatly, you could easily translate it to Japanese.

Larissa Wild, the game designer at Gamescom, was interested in putting her expertise to the test and present a story that was truly complex.

Wild tells me that while we traverse The Wandering Villages magical world together, we wanted to give our game meaning. This is why we focused on the effects of global warming and pollution on the environment.

As you look down from the back of your saviour, the world below is a stark reminder of what might have gone and, conversely, what might be for us.

The Colossus will explore a myriad of different environments, including an asunny biome that is ideal for growing enough food, while snowy mountain peaks require better accommodation and facilities.

The thing that makes strategizing even harder is the fact that you have little to no control over your gigantic companion. It goes where it wants to go, and you can only begin to gain its trust by taking Onbu to places where it can eat and drink easily.

Wild admits that juggling all of this is not easy, and that The Wandering Village was created to suit both hardcore and casual players. There are areas that are really difficult, but we wanted to make it accessible so that all different players may get to experience it.

If The Wandering Villages' tale of struggle and survival has enthralled you, it will be released on Steam this month, September, 2022. In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of the best survival games on PC, as well as the best independent games that will wreak havoc on your wait.