In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you acquire and use Dreamlight?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you acquire and use Dreamlight? ...

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, a magical place filled with promise, friendship, and possibilities. It is up to you to restore the valley to what it once was. With Dreamlight, you can unlock the world and discover hidden secrets. Here is how to obtain and utilize Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to collect Dreamlight

When you enter the valley, you will begin earning Dreamlight immediately. This will happen only when you complete certain tasks for the first time or reach a milestone. For example, you will earn Dreamlight when you catch your first fish and again when you catch ten fish.

If you want to keep track of how much Dreamlight you have, you can do so by going to the Dreamlight tab in the menu and using the L and R keys to go over to the Dreamlight tab. This menu will show you all of the tasks you can complete to obtain Dreamlight, and how much you will earn for completing the tasks.

How to use Dreamlight

The first time you use Dreamlight is when you clear the Night Thorns from Dream Castle, but it wont be the last time. Each area of the map is covered by thick Night Thorns that require Dreamlight to unlock. After you open up Dream Castle, you are free to begin opening other areas as long as you have the necessary Dreamlight.

When you touch the thorns that block your path to an area, it will tell you how much Dreamlight you need to remove the thorns. Clearing the thorns will reduce the amount of Dreamlight you need to remove them. In other words, clearing an area that requires 2,000 Dreamlight will subtract 2,000 Dreamlight from the total amount that you have.