Toadstool Tour and 64 top the Mario Golf reddit chart after a vote

Toadstool Tour and 64 top the Mario Golf reddit chart after a vote ...

Since the introduction of Mario Golf on Nintendo 64 back in 1999, Mario has hit the links, bunkers, and out-of-bounds areas of Mushroom Kingdoms many golf courses, but with so many games now on offer, the question was always bound to arise. Which Mario Golf game is the finest? Two clear favorites emerged.

The Mario Golf Reddit poll, which you can view by clicking here, has a lot of opinions from Redditors pointing out why their favorite should be followed by everyone else's, but there does appear to be a general consensus. However, many havent reached par with Princess Peach since the Nintendo 64 first release, and they may be a bit biased.

Despite the popularity of TT and 64, it is Mario Golf: World Tour for 3DS enthusiasts that seem to have the most passionate fervour from its community, with many pointing out the often overlooked title as a hidden gem in the Mario sports library (if there can be such a thing). Someone has suggested Mario Tennis, but we think they might be on the wrong list.

Super Rush is a short-lived title on the Mario Golf tier list, despite the fact that our own Mario Golf Super Rush review was not exactly positive. Considering that, Nintendo might consider re-releasing the Toadstool Tour if this poll is anything to go by.

The Mario Golf Reddit poll's final findings are here, along with recommendations for the best golf games on Switch and mobile.