Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Roe's Wade Overturn: Politics Are Killing People

Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Roe's Wade Overturn: Politics Are Killing People ...

Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar winner, has had recurring nightmares with Tucker Carlson for years.

Lawrence has made an effort to embody the divided nation as embodied by her own Kentucky family ever since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.

I have just worked so hard in the last five years to forgive my dad and my family and try to understand that it's different. The information they are receiving is different, Lawrence told Vogue in a new cover story. I've tried to get over it, but I cant. Im sorry Im just revealing. Im not able to fuck with people who arent political anymore.

The Causeway actress said, "You live in the United States of America." You have to be political. It's too terrible. Politics is killing people."

Lawrence explained that I broach the topic in the sense that I send text messages. Just: Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. They dont respond. And then Ill feel bad and send a picture of the baby.

Lawrence addressed the present-day racism and misogyny in society, as embodied by Trump defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Because America was faced with the choice between a woman and a dangerous, dangerous jar of mayonnaise, they were like, "We can't have a woman," the Don't Look Up star said. I'm aware that a lot of people are in similar situations with their families. What do you do if your daughter is born and believes she doesn't deserve equality?

The overturning of Roe v. Wade further exemplified America's hatred of women.

A woman of means is always going to be able to obtain an abortion, according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Winter Bone breakout. If anyone ever needed proof that our two-party system is a failure, get the government out of my snatch. Okay?

Lawrence continued, It's too personal to a females existence to watch white men debate about uterus when they from the bottom of their hearts cant find a clitoris.

The actress of American Hustle admitted that she had a miscarriage alone in Montreal in her early 20s before she was eligible for an abortion. She had another miscarriage while filming Adam McKays Dont Look Up and had to undergo a D&C, which is now legal in most parts of the United States. She gave birth to her son Cy earlier this year.

I remember a million times thinking about it while I was pregnant. She said she was concerned about the things that were happening to my body. And I had a fantastic pregnancy. I had a wonderful pregnancy. But every single moment of my life was different. And it would occur to me sometimes: "What if I was forced to do this?"

Lawrence said she's always on the lookout for her sons' future.

Im raising a little boy who will go to school one day. According to Lawrence, guns are the number-one cause of death for children in the United States, and people are still voting for politicians who receive money from the NRA. It blows my mind. I mean, if Sandy Hook didn't change anything, then we would just go, OK! We are allowing our children to lay down their lives for a second amendment that was written over 200 years ago.

According to Lawrence, the future of American politics seems to depend on men who are looking old like Mitch McConnell.

She explained that we must live in the future that they are constructing. These people are fucking old. They're a hundred. McConnell was alive and well when schools were segregated.

J.D. Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy, was also slammed.

If he wrote a huge book, he would be a hillbilly. Lawrence said, well, I am a rich twat, but I am not running for office pretending that I am not.

Lawrence's decision to shoot and produce Causeway, a story about a war veteran living with PTSD while recovering from a brain injury, was a change of pace. I like a fast-paced Marvel film as much as the next person. However, the political and personal atmosphere made for the toughest shoot of her life.

Yes, I did shoot a film. It was the hardest shoot of my life. Lawrence said the film was shot in three years. I hope people see it. However, everybody would die anyway, so who cares.