In Tower of Fantasy, when does Vera unlock?

In Tower of Fantasy, when does Vera unlock? ...

Tower of Fantasy is growing exponentially with so many zones to explore, and that's without a new Vera region and city of Mirroria! This is a 2.0 update, so you can expect a lot of content. Prepare yourself for new areas, weapons, vehicles, enemies, and more in this update.

What is the release date for Vera, the first Tower of Fantasy expansion?

The Vera 2.0 Tower of Fantasy update is expected to be released in September, 2022. Developers have been busy as we already have the Artificial Island 1.5 update, so anticipate more updates to come. Keep in mind that you'll need to improve your Wonderer to a certain level before you can venture into this region.

In Tower of Fantasy, here's what we know so far about the Vera expansion.

Prepare for some spooky action as the Vera region consists mostly of the Gobby desert. The city of Mirroria is all about cyberpunk. Think about the Blade Runner film, and you'll know what to anticipate. Also, consider the vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, as you'll need a ride to survive in the desert.