In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the finest method to get Star Coins is to buy them

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the finest method to get Star Coins is to buy them ...

The most effective way to earn Star Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to spend large sums of money. After all, Scrooge McDuck sells items for cheap. A pirate hat alone costs 10,000 Star Coins.

Destroy Night Thorns

Night Thorns are a terrible sight in the valley because to negative emotions, and being near them causes the NPCs to forget something. They are easily destroyed with the click of a button.

If you are persistent with it, Star Coins typically drop from five to eight. Even though the amount is small, new thorns emerge every day, making it a fairly steady source of income.

Selling gems and food

After collecting the Royal Tools, you will have access to a Pickaxe that can destroy practically any ore with one strike. Large black stones are found on the rock walls of the valley. They often have gems inside. Use your Pickaxe to smash the stones and retrieve the gems.

Once the Goofys shop is unlocked, you may begin selling these gems to him for a large amount of Star Coins. Each gem will typically fetch you between 130 and 250 Star Coins. Similar to the Night Thorns, new gems appear every day, making it a great way to earn extra money.

Once you have the restaurant up and you are able to prepare meals, you may sell your cooked foods to Goofy for a large sum of money. Selling crafted goods is another approach to making money, although only sell items you will not want to keep.

Complete Quests

Over the course of the game, you'll complete a large amount of quests. Completing Scrooge McDucks quests will earn you a decent amount of Star Coins, which you can spend at his shop.

Other NPCs will have quests for you to complete as well. These quests will usually pay you a small amount of coins to add to your wealth pile.