Married at First Sight UK star speaks up about his wife's alopecia battle

Married at First Sight UK star speaks up about his wife's alopecia battle ...

Jenna Robinson of Married at First Sight spoke forth about her battle with alopecia in the latest episode of the series.

Jenna, a zero-waste shop owner from Blackpool, disclosed her diagnosis to her new partner Zoe Clifton on Monday night's episode.

Jenna revealed to the public that she has suffered with the condition since she was 12 years old, with her hair loss as a result of a traffic collision.

Jenna revealed her condition to her bride just after her wedding ceremony with Zoe, with the revelation being profound. "I've got a little something that I've never thought of," Jenna continued (via Metro).

"I've got alopecia, and I wear a wig." She said. "I've suffered with it since I was 12," she said. "My hair started to fall out as a result of the trauma."

Jenna remained steadfast in her refusal to allow her condition to define her, continuing: "It's been so long and so many years since I've dealt with it, and I know my hair doesn't define me, and I'm content in my own skin."

Zoe reassured Jenna, stating that she did not "give a shit" about her partner's diagnosis, declaring that she had "met the ideal stranger."

Married at First Sight UK, which began in 2015, has a panel of experts matching couples, with potential partners not seeing each other until their wedding day. After the ceremonies, the contestants live together for a period of time before deciding whether or not to continue their relationship at a certain point.

The most recent series, which launched on August 29, now has a cast of 16, with the introduction of two same-sex couples a first for the program.

Married at First Sight UK's seventh series is currently on E4.

For further information about alopecia and to find out what is available, visit the NHS website or the Alopecia UK website. Residents in the United States may contact the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.