Now Fans Think Harry Styles Spit On Chris Pine During Premiere of Dont Worry Darling Drama

Now Fans Think Harry Styles Spit On Chris Pine During Premiere of Dont Worry Darling Drama ...

Olivia Wildes' upcoming psychological thriller Dont Worry Darling has been making headlines since it was released, and not necessarily for the film itself. A number of controversy have erupted around Wildes' sophomore directorial effort, including her alleged feud with Shia LaBeouf and even the movie's leading lady Florence Pugh. Despite several instances of Dont Worry Darling drama, now fans believe Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine during the premiere.

Despite the drama and rumors surrounding the film, Dont Worry Darling has a talented cast of actors. Now, another controversy has been added to the mix, as some fans believe that Styles spat on Pine before sitting down.

Chris Pine is said to be spit on by #HarryStyles i will't sleep until i know the truth 6, 2022

This video definitely turned a few heads, and some people believe that Harry Styles spit on his Dont Worry Darling co-star before stumbling down. This video has since gone viral, as people online try to be detectives. Let's recap the latest drama surrounding Olivia Wildes' upcoming film.

Despite various reports, the cast of Don't Worry Darling posing for a group photo at the Venice Film Festival. Every movement made by pop star/actor Harry Styles was captured on video. However, did he actually spit on his co-star?

Several people on the internet made it their mission to discover the truth about the situation. This includes some people who slowed down the video in order to get to the truth. And when you examine Styles mouth, it doesnt appear to be getting any spit.

one more time be serious 6, 2022

Chris Pine's outburst during this clip was identified earlier in this thread: he appears to be aware that his sunglasses are in his lap. While it remains to be seen if the Pine or Styles team will respond to this request, it's yet another reason why people are so interested in what's happening with Dont Worry Darling.

It remains to be seen whether all of the rumors and potential drama surrounding Dont Worry Darling will help or hinder the film's box office success. People believe that good publicity is provided by the press, and there has certainly been plenty of buzz surrounding Olivia Wilde's latest film. And that might encourage people to come see it in theaters and see what the fuss is about.

Dont Worry Darling will be released on September 23rd in cinemas. In the meantime, make sure to check out the release dates for 2022.