Watch Jason Momoa blow off his long hair for the environment

Watch Jason Momoa blow off his long hair for the environment ...

Jason Momoa is one of the few celebrities who has never been afraid to use his experience to promote causes. He has always been open to new ideas and hopes to expand awareness about the amount of single-use plastic that is wasted around the world.

Jason Momoa took to Instagram mid-haircut to remind people to avoid using single-use plastic goods, as so many of them end up in our oceans. He even showed off some of his long hair that had already been cut, and were surprised by the Aquaman actors' surprised reactions to feeling the wind on his head in places he hasn't felt it in years.

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Jason Momoa's hair may seem to be a lot of work, but he's had it for a very long time. It's the only way that the general public knows him, and so getting it cut will increase interest in the area.

Jason Momoa has been campaigning against single-use plastic for years. Back in 2019, Momoa gave Chris Pratt a hard time on Instagram for being filmed with a single-use plastic water bottle. It's just one of the issues that mattered to the actor. In the summer of 2019, Momoa protested the building of a new telescope in Hawaii, which was considered sacred by many local residents.

After the haircut, Jason Momoa's appearance on screen will be completely different. Even if Momoa intended to completely revamp the hair back, that would take time, so you'll likely see a new Momoa with short hair in some future rolls, unless he plans to wear wigs instead. Perhaps Aquaman will decide to trim his hair for future appearances.

Jason Momoa cutting his hair will most likely result in a significant decrease in single-use plastic goods consumption, but it might encourage some people, maybe even a lot of people, to use them less often. Thats not going to save the world by itself, but it will also be worthwhile for him.