Skye flashes, as well as their great value, will no longer ruin your games

Skye flashes, as well as their great value, will no longer ruin your games ...

A Valuable Skye flash can literally ruin a RiotsFPS game, but one hardcore fan has discovered the most effective way to deter the exploding bird of Initiator Agents.

While fans have been grinding out the Episode 5 Act 2 battle pass, players have continued to explore new maps as well as playing around with flashes and damaging abilities. One player discovered a clever way to cancel out Skye's flash, something that is only possible by playing Skye herself.

VatianGT0321 published a video titled, so, you can cancel Skye flash by half flashing yourself. At the same time, they release the hawk and quickly flash themselves. Their own flash saves them a lot of time where their vision might be impaired.

so that you may cancel skye flash by half flashing yourself from VALORANT.

Others Valorant players were surprised by the discovery, who saw it as useful, but also at danger of being hotfixed out of the game too quickly. One user said, I can see that the patch will be patched soon. You can probably cancel other flashes as well.

Another user stated that this sort of technique works for mollies as well. It's written that this technique also works for mollies. In most post-plant situations, you could overwrite a Viper molly by using a Viper molly on yourself. It's a function of the enemy's molly.

Another Valorant player questioned just how effective the trick might be, and he was practically thinking, why would anyone stand with their own flash in their hand to counter someone else's flash?

Riot hasnt commented publicly on the post, so it's unlikely to provide a hotfix immediately. In the meantime, if you are looking for the best crosshairs and codes for Valorant, we have your back.