It's possible that the returnal PC port was just accidently confirmed

It's possible that the returnal PC port was just accidently confirmed ...

The Returnal PC port might be on the way, as Housemarque presented the game recently in a Game Developers Conference presentation, although there is still no official confirmation for the port.

Returnal on PC is making the rounds for some time, as a number of Returnal PC Steam localisation updates appear to have surfaced this year. One localisation string is called Tower of Sisyphus, which might be a reference to the endless game mode of the same name that Returnals initially introduced.

On September 2, an official Game Developers Conference presentation was uploaded to YouTube. With Returnal developer Housemarques lead VFX artist Risto Jankkila talking about how the studio used its own programmable particle system to create certain VFX features in the game. While the entire talk is worthwhile reading in its own right, some indications for a PC version of the game come in at the 13:35 mark.

With a section labelled output stating that the footage is from a PC, Digital Foundry's own Alexander Battaglia tweeted out that this presentation confirms a PC version of the game.

The same information on the screen mentions a graphics card for the footage, which adds to Returnal's potential to the platform sometime in the future.

As other PlayStation PC titles like Marvels Spider-Man, Days Gone, and God of War have all received the coveted Steam Deck badge, it wouldnt surprise to see Returnal get the same treatment.

Returnal is not yet confirmed on PC, but it sounds like PlayStation might be bringing it along with a large number of its other top-tier first party offerings.

In the meantime, Valve has brought Steam Deck reservations forward for the second time, and if you get yours soon, we even have a list of the most secure VPN providers of this year for anyone concerned about internet privacy.