Each map's new Valuable crosshair colors will transform your life

Each map's new Valuable crosshair colors will transform your life ...

Riot introduced custom colors to theFPS game, which has been the subject of debate for a while. Hardcore fans of the game had requested the installation of custom crosshairs since the game was dropped over two years ago.

Valorant's vast fanbase moved quickly to discover the best Valorant crosshairs and codes to enhance the ranked gameplay. However, one fan decided to take things to the next level and conduct a statistical analysis to determine which crosshair colour is the most suitable for each map.

Useewhynot, a Reddit user, explained how they calculated the most appropriate crosshair color from each map: I recorded myself in a custom game lobby looking at every angle I could think of on every map (except Split RIP) and wrote a Python script to look through that video and find the best crosshair colour for me.

Through their research, they discovered that cyan and blue were very popular colours, especially on maps such as Ascent, Bind, Fracture, and Haven. Although yellow and red appeared to be more efficient on Icebox and Pearl, they nevertheless preferred them.

Useewhynot provided a wealth of information on how to get the data into Python for the programmer Valorant players who contacted them. Useewhynot encouraged gamers to do their own research and created a repository on Github with a script and a guide.

Valorant players are still grinding the ranked ladder in hopes of obtaining the best Valorant crosshair colors and codes with Episode 5 Act 2 on the horizon.