Glaze Lily farming locations in Genshin Impact Glaze Lily farming locations

Glaze Lily farming locations in Genshin Impact Glaze Lily farming locations ...

The ability to collect resources and materials is a must-do activity for Genshin Impact. These include cooking, crafting, and many other tasks. The Glaze Lily is a beautiful flower that you will likely see growing on the fields, and you may be curious where to find it or what it is used for.

Where to find Glaze Lily in Genshin Impact

Glaze Lilies are fairly easy to find, but there is more to farming them that might be immediately apparent. The item itself is considered a Liyue Local Speciality, which means that you may find it near the Qingce Village. You may also purchase a few spare ones from Ms. Bai.

The flower is found loosely around the Liyue Harbor in small spread-out clusters of a few flowers. Most of them are at Yujing Terrace, but there is also a group near the Waypoint of Chichu Rock, and another one on Mount Tianheng. The best way to go about this route is to start from the southeast and go diagonally to the northwest.

All of the Glaze Lily flowers in Quingce Village are found in terraced fields. There are three such fields in the village, so it's not too difficult to visit each one and pick up the flowers that grow there.

Glaze Lily can be grown in your garden. The seeds belong to the Luxuriant Glebe gardening group, and you may buy them directly from Tubby for 5 Realm Currency.

If you're missing a few Glaze Lilies for what you want in them, you may just go out and buy them. Ms. Bai owns a shop in Quingce Village, where she sells three Glaze Lilies per week for a staggering 50.000 Mora.

What is Glaze Lily used for in Genshin Impact

Glaze Lilies aren't used in any way for ascension, and there aren't any cooking recipes that involve them. However, there is a crafting recipe that includes five Glaze Lilies. For example, two characters must craft Glaze Lilies for their ascensions. Yun Jin and Ningguang