New Elemental Weapon Signature Moves in God Of War Ragnarok Footage

New Elemental Weapon Signature Moves in God Of War Ragnarok Footage ...

God of War Ragnarok, a game that may be most impressive for not slipping into a release date in 2023, has released a new footage showing off the new ways Kratos can wield his axe and blades.

The footage was published by the online magazine Game Informer, showing how gaming's grumpiest dad can now infuse his attacks with elemental magic.

The creator of the first-party Sony game Santa Monica Studio has said that it expects the sequel to include a variety of new combat strategies, including a better use of environmental items, and more strategies to combat the foes.

This footage demonstrates for the first time, I believe, one of these methods, where Kratos is now able to fire up (sorry) the elements that increase his attacks. If holding the Leviathan Axe, he can trigger Frost Awaken for a crisp thwack, and while using the Blades of Chaos, he can trigger Whiplash for a much hotter strike.

The Grims, a reptile beast that ol baldie is fighting in this game, must be shamed, even for a game that has an ability called Frost Awaken. The Fossegrim, or grim, is a watery troll in Scandinavian folklore. It's certainly a shame they've made them lizard-like, rather than the fiddle-playing water-spirit originals.

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Hey, You, There Is A Rick And Morty Commercial For God Of War: Ragnarok

The Kratos shield has been improved as well, with a Dauntless and a Stonewall shields available for tactically different tasks. The Dauntless is more powerful, too heavy to parry, but rather used for just blundering into battle.

The Leviathan Axe, and other unannounced upgrades, were not revealed yet, although of course a small hint was dropped in the weekend Rick and Morty commercial. It's possible that this was related to these elemental attacks, or perhaps a nudge that the axe may be improved in various other ways.

Still, hooray! This looks like it will be more of the same goodness as God Of War's stunning God Of War. God Of War Fragglerock will be released on November 9, unless it too is struck by the Terrible Delay Curse of 2022.