The Real Title of the Mario Movie Is Probably Won't Shock Anyone, According to Rumours

The Real Title of the Mario Movie Is Probably Won't Shock Anyone, According to Rumours ...

The Mario film from Illumination had been out for a long time before it was announced that it would be released in 2023. This may have been a good time for some, as the plumber's return to the big screen might have been the perfect opportunity to provide some more information about the upcoming animated feature; however, whenever we have searched for information, all updates have been moved to another castle.

Bisher, that's been true (well, almost). As stated by @DespicableOutof on Twitter, the film has now had a preliminary listing on the Illumination Studios Paris website, so we might finally have an idea of what this 'Mario Movie' will be known as. After months of fumbling around for the correct answer - is it The Mario Movie? Super Mario? Crouching Plumber Hidden Bowser? - Illumination Studios has finally settled on a name, and what

The upcoming feature 'The Mario Movie' will no longer be referred to as such, according to the website. Illumination appears to be pushing the boat out even further as they appear to have titled the film - wait for it - Super Mario Bros.

Now we are equally surprised as you are that the team behind such games as Despicable Me or, erm, Despicable Me 2, would make such an original naming choice with their latest Nintendo IP, but hey, at least everyone will know what the film is about.

Although this title hasn't been officially confirmed by an Illumination statement, nor by the Big N itself, the prospect of seeing Chris Pratt star in 'Plumb and Plumber' hasn't been eliminated yet.

Selling a major name like Mario was always going to require a more on-the-nose marketing campaign, and if that is the reason for one of the most predictable titles we've ever seen in a while, then so be it. An original title was never more than a pipe dream.

Instead of Super Mario Bros., what title would you choose? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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