This Switch OLED Labor Day Deal Gives You A Free 128GB Micro SD Card (North America)

This Switch OLED Labor Day Deal Gives You A Free 128GB Micro SD Card (North America) ...

The Labor Day discounts are now happening in North America, resulting in some excellent gaming deals. One particular one that has caught our attention (thanks, GamesRadar) is the ability to extend the Switch's memory capabilities, as Walmart is currently selling the console and a 128GB memory card for the same price as the system.

The bundle is currently priced at $349.99, which includes the Switch OLED and an additional memory card. If you wanted to buy the Micro SD card alone, you would have to pay $34.99, which isn't a huge expense.

The Switch's memory space has been one of the biggest criticisms, with many of us purchasing additional storage as one of our first purchases after getting the console. With the internal memory coming in at only 64GB on the OLED (and half that on the other Switch models), an additional 128GB isn't to be taken for granted.

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  • $349.99
  • Walmart

The SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card that's included in this deal is designed for the Switch; not only will you receive one of the finest Switch Micro SD cards, but yours will also be adorned with a cute little mushroom image on the top.

This deal is exclusive to North America as part of Walmart's Labor Day (yes, we've come over all American with our spelling today, mainly because Labour Day in the UK is in May), because the business does not currently offer international shipping, and paying for a package forwarding company will only increase the price above the price of the bundle. Further, (as deduced from the 'Labor Day Sales' grouping) this offer should keep you going, for a while.

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