Cancelled Kirby N64 Racer Beta Footage Goes On The Internet In Random

Cancelled Kirby N64 Racer Beta Footage Goes On The Internet In Random ...

Beta footage can often be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, you get to see the origins of your favourite games - with poorer graphics and mechanics to boot - but on the other hand, you get to experience a sense of delayed loss, especially when seeing footage from a game that never saw the light of day.

After seeing GameXplain's latest video, we thought we'd do something similar - pfft, as if those bangers needed to be promoted. Aside from some pre-release Mario footage, the advert also includes a few clips from the cancelled Kirby's Air Ride game on the N64.

Kirby's Air Ride was later released on the GameCube (removing the's' for a more manageable title, Kirby Air Ride), although the footage shown in the GameXplain breakdown depicts how the game would have acted if the N64 had less graphics potential.

The small amount of footage also suggests that the gameplay of the N64 game may have been a significant shift from the one we saw on the released version. Notice how Kirby and King Dedede are standing up surfing on their warp stars rather than their eventual sitting position?

Tanks Caps' promotional video includes footage of a five-racer Wave Race 64 game (which we've yet to get enough of), original item sprites and character icons in place of their released versions, and original footage of GoldenEye 007 and Blast Corps.

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