James Gray's Movie Memoir Is Here to Break Oscar Voters Hearts in Armageddon Time

James Gray's Movie Memoir Is Here to Break Oscar Voters Hearts in Armageddon Time ...

James Gray draws on his own childhood growing up in Queens, the 1980s, to write his rapturously praised movie memoir, Armageddon Time. The second film from Ad Astra and The Immigrant, Armageddon Time received raves in Cannes before cementing its position in the Oscar nomination for Telluride over the weekend.

Focus Features will premiere the film on October 28. Check out the official trailer here.

Jeremy Strong, an Emmy winner, and Anthony Hopkins and Anne Hathaway all play roles in Armageddon Time, but especially Strong, who plays a disgruntled plumber father (to Banks Repeta) who is undergoing social change amid the rise of Ronald Reagan, who is on the verge of becoming president in 1980.

Armageddon Time is a fascinatingly well-remembered narrative about a pre-pubescent Jewish boy named Paul Graff (Banks Repeta) who meets him on the first day of school in September 1980 (Jaylin Webb plays second-time sixth-grader Johnny Davis), and the semi-guileless friendship these two space cadets form on the basis of their mutual interests: rocket ships and fucking with their racist homeroom teacher. It's a story about the

Strong told IndieWire that this role was both frightening and appealing to me at the same time. He is attempting to do the best he can as a father, and in many ways is not equipped to do that effectively. He is attempting to strengthen his children and prepare them for an unfair world, and there are misguided ways that he does that.

During the Cannes Film Festival, IndieWire sat down with Gray, who detailed edited the film for two months over 18-hour days.

Gray said the last two films were difficult to make. One was shot in the jungle, and the other was shot on stage with Brad Pitt on wires in a capsule. It was both physically and logistically difficult. I wanted to rediscover my fondness for movies. I wanted to document my family and that particular moment in my life.