Can Munna be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can Munna be shiny in Pokemon Go? ...

In pretty much all universe games, and Pokemon Go is a part of them, fans of the Pokemon license may hunt the Shiny version of the creatures.

However, not all Pokemon found in the mobile game have a Shiny version. Many times, Niantic will not release them with their counterpart, but will include this version later, usually alongside special events.

Munna, a Pokemon from the fifth generation, was released less than two years ago in Pokemon Go. The players might wonder if it will be available again: its a yellow version, which they will not miss when encountering it, in addition to the usual signs that show its a shiny Pokemon.

Can Munna be shiny in Pokemon Go?

When Pokemon Go first introduced Munna, it took Niantic more than a year to add it, but it is now possible to encounter it in this version.

During its final event on August 27, the Shiny version of Munna was lauched alongside the latest Pokemon Go Fest, which took place last summer. It can be encountered in pretty much all of the available capture modes, including the traditional encounter in the wild but also through hatching eggs or raids.

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The Season of Light event will be the ideal opportunity to get a Shiny Munna, since its spawn rate has been increased from 6pm to 7pm, local time. The players will also get doubled Stardust from catching Munna during this hour, so it will be a great opportunity to go Shiny hunting.