Yasuo and Yone's mains have the highest AFK rate of any League champion

Yasuo and Yone's mains have the highest AFK rate of any League champion ...

Yasuo has become synonymous with dangerous players in League of Legends. And now, there are statistics to support those claims. According to League of Graphs, Yasuo and his brother Yone lead all champion mains with the highest AFK rate of any pick in the game.

Yasuo mains is at the top of the list with a 1.13 percent AFK rate across all regions, followed by Yone mains at 1.01 percent, with Jax mains rounding out the top five with a 0.92 percent AFK rate.

On a region-by-region basis, however, there are a few differences. In the Europe West server, for example, Yone has the No. 1 AFK spot over Yasuo with a 0.85 percent AFK rate. In North America, however, Yasuo and Yone barely break into the top five, with champions like Taric, Xin Zhao, Irelia, and Jax leading the way.

Yasuo has quickly risen to be one of the most-feared champions in the game, but for the wrong reasons. People are often scared that if they get a Yasuo player on their own team, they wont be as good as they said in all chat. According to League stats site U.GG.

The Wind Brothers are tough champions to pick up and perfect due to their relatively difficult ability sets to master. With an all-in playstyle and a lack of escape tools, the two champions can easily feed a handful of kills if someone is untrustworthy with their ultimate abilities. Yasuo and Yone must also get ahead in lane to truly snowball their lead into the later stages of a game, compared to other picks with more utility while behind.