(September 2022) Criminality Codes are free cash and experience

(September 2022) Criminality Codes are free cash and experience ...

Criminality is a free roaming fighting game that pits you against your adversaries in the most hostile place known to man, SECTOR-07. Earn cash by killing your foes, claiming bounties, and looting safes and cash registers. Survive by earning experience and earning as much money as you can!

Criminality codes allow you to redeem instant cash and bonuses, such as doubling the experience if you buy guns from black market dealers on the map.

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All Criminality Codes List

Updated September 6, 2022

A new code has been added.

Here's a look at all of the current Criminality codes.

  • BACK2SCHOOLRedeem for a free reward (New) (Note: The developer announced this via Twitter, but did not specificy what the reward is. It was also unclear what the reward was when we checked in the game. We'll update this page when we have more info!)
  • CROSSPLATFORMRedeem for a double XP Boost
  • SUMMER22Redeem for a double XP Boost

These Criminality Codes are no longer in use.

  • Thecodeis47k
  • HALLOWS2021
  • CRIMV1.3

How to redeem Criminality codes

In Criminality, it's simple to redeem codes for free rewards. Start the game and walk around until you find an ATM, click on it, or press E. ATMs may look like the classic standup type or the recessed (in the wall) bank ones like above. A new window will appear, click on Redeem Codes, then enter each working code into the text box.

The easiest way to get Roblox Criminality codes is to follow CriminalityRBX and RVVZ on Twitter. Another option is to join the official Criminality Community Roblox Group.

When you try to redeem a code in Criminality, a message appears saying 'an error occurred.' It means that the code you are using has expired.

Sometimes Criminality codes can expire very quickly, so please let us know if a code is in our working section but it doesn't work, so we may move it to the expired section.

Depending on the code, you will receive instant cash or a boost to bonus experience gained. You may buy new weapons to help you survive in SECTOR-07 against other players with cash. The double EXP gained will be helpful in helping you strengthen.

What is Criminality?

Roblox Criminality is a free-roaming fighting game in which you are up against other players who are fighting to the death. Every 15 minutes, you are given a coin to spend on weapons and more to help you survive in this horrible area. However, you must find an ATM to withdraw and deposit your money. If equipment and cash are lost, all items will be lost, but a small portion of your money will be gone.

As players kill each other, they may win a bounty, where they will become the target of all other players. You will earn a substantial cash sum if you hit the killing blow. Will you then get a bounty on your head?

Standard play is how Criminality should be played, and it only works when you reach level 8 or higher in-game or if you have Prime. This mode requires you to level up in casual before entering the game, as it allows you to get a feel for the game!

The difficulty levels, casual and standard, differ greatly in how Criminality is played. Stick with casual if you are playing a few quick casual games, but stick with standard if you want a hardcore experience.

Legacy downed systemPlayers Bleed out when downunless they are revived
Less cash lost upon deathMore cash lost upon death
XP only gained fromyour allowanceXP is gained from killsand allowance
Only high bountiesreward killsMore cash from loot map
Start with gamepassweaponsCombat Zones in loot areas
Multiple other differencesMultiple other differences

When playing Criminality, knowing the map is like knowing your opponent.

Use this helpful map created by Reddit user Yaukari to help you become the best!

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