A Real Housewives Star Is Destroyed Over a Pathetic Social Media Post

A Real Housewives Star Is Destroyed Over a Pathetic Social Media Post ...

Diana Jenkins posted a video on Instagram of a segment of ANTH, Conor Maynard, and Corey Nyells covering George Michael and Wham!'s Careless Whisper on September 2.

A season 12 newbie for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrote across the video, I dedicate this to Sutton [Stracke] and Garcelle [Beauvais], the two women with whom Jenkins has been feuding this season. She captioned the video with two crying laughing emojis and a heart.

Fans found the video's timing to be intrusive, since it was posted shortly after Beauvais'eldest son Oliver Saunders was accused of infidelity by his wife on social media. The song Careless Whisper is about a relationship that concludes after an affair.

Jenkins's piece is linked below.

Sanela Diana Jenkins (@sdjneuro) has shared a post.

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Fans praised Jenkins for the comment and said it was a reference to the Beauvais family's latest drama.

Jenkins' Instagram post was flooded with people expressing displeasure about the video's purpose, and a Reddit thread titled Diana dedicated the song/post to Sutton and Garcelle. I'm not sure what her point is, and the post has received over 300 comments.

Careless Whisper with Conor Maynard is a song written by one person, about cheating. This is Diana's way of publically rubbing her sons' cheating scandal in Garcelles' face. Someone said, This makesno sense. Diana: you are not a clever person. Go away.

Diana is the lowest of the lows and she should not go back next season. Oliver cheating has nothing to do with Garcelle! Her son is a fully formed adult, according to one commentator. She probably just picked the song because she believes G&S are talking about her and making frightless whispers behind her back.

Jenkins was chastised by many commenters, one saying, She's a trashman. Another wrote, Dirty Diana. Someone said, She's so pathetic. The woman has a small child, she's supposedly extremely wealthy, yet she is constantly attacking her cast mates! Totally pathetic!

Someone else said, If this was somehow directed at Garcelles son and his divorce, why include Sutton's name in it? She knows that this post will make everything worse. I hate her to have done this.

After she said she received death threats, Jenkins was forced to hire additional security.

Sanela Diana Jenkins (@sdjneuro) has shared a post.

Jenkins was forced to employ a team of 24/7 security guards after she claimed she received death threats, according to Page Six, a source close to Jenkins said. She is taking every precaution to protect herself and her family.

Jenkins was accused by some RHOBH supporters of being behind a bot attack on Beauvais' 14-year-old son Jax, a claim that the season 12 newbie publicly denied on social media. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always advocated for human rights in this world.