Carrie Ann Inaba Responds to Disney Plus Fans Voting to Boycott DWTS

Carrie Ann Inaba Responds to Disney Plus Fans Voting to Boycott DWTS ...

Carrie Ann Inaba, a long-time Dancing With the Stars judge, posted a Facebook comment about the show's move to Disney Plus for season 31 and season 32. The judge was bombarded with fans tweeting that they will not be attending the show after the move, so she took the time to compose a statement.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Inaba wrote a message saying that she is recharged and ready to go dancing with the stars.

Carrie Ann Inaba (@carrieanninaba) has shared a post on her blog.

Inaba posted a message on her Facebook page in August 2022, saying that she was recently rearranging her time for herself and myself. Its been interesting. I have taken the time to learn who I am and how to let go of what is no longer for me. And I am still learning how to manage my life.

She said that she has been through some big changes in the years since she started The Talk. However, she said that she is ready to go as they approach season 31 of Dancing With the Stars on Disney Plus.

People said they will not be paying more to watch the program in the comments.

I've loved watching DWTS since it was first released, but due to the network's change I don't have Disney+ and cannot justify paying for a channel that I would not want to see. Im sorry they have taken it off of ABC I wish you a very good season!

I will definitely miss seeing you on DWTS. I didnt know until this minute that they removed it from ABC. I've watched it from the start, but I won't be forced to pay to see it. Good luck, wrote a second fan.

Thank you for revealing yourself, Ive always loved watching you on DWTS, but now that the Disney Channel has taken over, we can't keep up. "We've just lost interest in you," said a third fan.

I have watched DWTS since season two every episode, but with the Disney+ transition you are going to lose a large fan base that does not stream or want to pay for streaming, wrote a fourth fan. This will be the end for shows like yours and Days of Our Lives who just announced a move to Peacock. I only watch three episodes a day.

Carrie Ann said she's sorry that fans of Disney Plus didn't follow them on Disney Plus.

Carrie Ann Inaba (@carrieanninaba) has shared a link to her blog.

Inaba lauded her followers for revealing their stories in a follow-up post, but said she is disappointed to learn that she will no longer follow the show on Disney Plus.

Inaba wrote:

I've just read all of your observations from yesterday. I'm so grateful for the encouragement and the sharing of your own journeys. It helps others to recognize that we all go through unique difficulties in our lives.

Im so sorry to hear so many people saying they will not be joining us on [Dancing With the Stars] this season. Weve always been a family for so long, all of us, the dancers, the hosts, the judges, the production team, the creatives and hair and makeup and lighting and set design And YOU.

She concluded by saying, I hope you will be able to stay connected to us. I will be posting a lot of content from my social media pages so I hope that will help you stay connected. Family is forever.

The comments on that blog are once again full of repeat viewers who claim that the program has lost its loyal following.

It seems like it is very intentional that they want to change their target audience. It has been my favorite show for so long, but this will be the end for me, according to one fan in the follow-up post.

On Disney Plus, Dancing With the Stars will return for its 31st season on Monday, September 19.