NBA 2K23's highest ranked players

NBA 2K23's highest ranked players ...

NBA fans and players alike look forward to seeing which players have risen in the ratings in NBA 2K23. They want to know which players have risen to the top of the heap so that they may build their team around them. On September 6, 2K Sports finally began to pull back the curtain and give us our first look at some of the highest-rated players that will be released on September 9.

Who are the top-ranked players in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23's full player ratings are still available on Twitter, and 2K Sports is slowly dropping them. We'll continue to update this list as more players are added and the top of the list takes shape. Three of the games' best are coming in at 96 OVR, according to Golden States Steph Curry, Los Angeles Lebron James, and Brooklyns Kevin Durant.

Giannis is the #1 rated player in #NBA2K23 at a 97 OVR #2KRatings

We have a handful of players who are still highly rated but dont reach the highs of those four former MVPs. This includes Bostons Jayson Tatum, who is coming off an NBA Finals run and has started the season with a 91 OVR. On the other hand, cover star Devin Brooker, who is starting the season at 91 OVR.

Our Cover Athlete @DevinBook is a 91 OVR in 2K23. Please share your thoughts using #2KRatings on

2K will reveal even more player ratings as we get closer to the release of NBA 2K23s on September 9th. So as they drop, please update this article until we have a complete picture of the top-rated players.