In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you use photo mode?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you use photo mode? ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley includes a photo mode, and that is no surprise since almost every game nowadays has a photo mode of some sort. Once you have obtained access to this feature, you may begin taking pictures of yourself with all of your favorite Disney characters, from Stitch to Moana, and more.

How to use photo mode

The photo mode feature will only be activated once you have completed a task for him. Once that has been completed, you will have access to your house. Almost all of the new features such as the wardrobe and photo mode will be unlocked after a short time in the story.

Hold down the tool button to snooze your phone. This is the ZR button on Switch, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Once the tool wheel is opened, select the phone icon to have your character remove their phone.

To activate your phone, press the Y button on Switch, the X button on Xbox, and the square button on PlayStation to turn it on automatically. From here, you may switch camera modes to selfie, full body, or sky view. Make sure to time the photo correctly as they pose automatically.