How to Get Tincture of Tinying in Ooblets

How to Get Tincture of Tinying in Ooblets ...

Ooblets are a plant-based monster that may be cultivated and raised by skilled farmers. Despite being grown from seeds and harvested when ripe, Ooblets may be expanded in size by using certain medications after harvest. One such potion, the Tincture of Tinying, has the opposite effect of forcing an Ooblet to shrink down to only a third of its original size.

Getting a Tincture of Tinying

Witchy Wilba sells a potion called the Tincture of Tinying, which she calls a Tinycure, for two Gembers, the local currency of Nullwhere, which can be acquired in bulk by exploring the murky environment surrounding Wilbas' hut.

Wilba will not need any additional ingredients to be able to make Tinctures of Tinying for you. However, there is no crafting manual for you to learn how to make them yourself. This shortage makes Wilba the only resource of these potions in the game.

Wilba has many options for potion types, including the Essence of Embiggening, which instead doubles the size of any Ooblet it is used on. A Tincture of Tinying may be used on a triple-sized Ooblet to restore it to its original size.

Are you interested in both embiggening and tinying your Ooblets? Both of these potions types are easily acquired through the same means and at the same price.