In Disney Dreamlight Valley, here's how to make fond memories

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, here's how to make fond memories ...

The Disney Dreamlight Valley story is one of despair. The old ruler has gone, and the valley has turned dark as the Forging has set it. Characters all over the valley have forgotten who they are and are unable to remember any of their relatives. You are there to assist them in discovering and reliving their experiences. That is the only intention to get rid of the Forging for good.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Memories

As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across a number of collectibles. One of these collectibles is the memory of the characters who live in the area. These memories are crucial to helping each character remember who they are and what they have gone through.

Memories are usually discovered at random by doing various tasks around the town or by interacting with objects. These include things like cleansing Night Thorns, grooming animals, gardening, cooking, and fishing. When you find a memory, a yellow orb will appear, and you may interact with it to either gain a complete or partial memory. These memories then appear in the collections menu.

When you touch an object with twinkling lights around it, a memory will appear for you to pick up. These memories are usually memories of the old ruler or Dreamlight Valley. Be mindful that you will only get the memories of characters you have brought to the valley if you perform tasks.