So Far in Fortnite History, Every Live Event

So Far in Fortnite History, Every Live Event ...

You had to be there to see it, but if you want a taste of what Fortnites Live Events are like, weve compiled a list. breaking down all of these events in Fortnites history.

Fortnite is constantly adding new events and interesting concepts to the game, from the famous live events that provide new story elements to the concerts.

Weve compiled all of these points together in this article to help you keep track of how many events Fortnite has had over the years.

All Fortnite Live Events Explained

EventDateSeasonEvent Type
Blast OffJune 30, 20184Major Story Event
Butterfly EventNovember 4, 20186Major Story Event
Ice StormJanuary 19, 20197Major Story Event
ShowtimeFebruary 2, 20197Concert
The UnvaultingApril 5, 20198Major Story Event
The Final ShowdownJuly 20, 20199Major Story Event
The End (Chapter 1)October 13, 2019XMajor Story Event
Live at RiskyDecember 14, 2019Ch 2: S1Collab Event
Travis Scotts AstronomicalApril 23-25, 2020Ch 2: S2Concert
The DeviceJune 15, 2020Ch 2: S2Major Story Event
The Devourer of WorldsDecember 1, 2020Ch 2: S4Major Story Event
Zero Crisis FinaleAny Date During SeasonCh 2: S6Major Story Event
Rift Tour (Ariana Grande)August 6-8, 2021Ch 2: S7Concert
Operation: Sky FireSeptember 12, 2021Ch 2: S7Major Story Event
The End (Chapter 2)December 4, 2021Ch 2: S8Major Story Event
CollisionJune 4, 2022Ch 3: S2Major Story Event

Fortnite has excellent live events, but they also have amazing collaborations. Check out every previous, present, and upcoming Fortnite collaboration.

We're going to go over each live event in depth, starting all the way back from Blast Off, and updating whenever new live events are released.

Blast Off was the first ever Fortnite in-game event, and changed the landscape of live-service games, with many striving to make Fortnite a success.

The Visitor launched a rocket that he had been working on during Season 4 of Anarchy Acres. Four red beams pointed straight at Tilted Towers before a rift took the rocket away.

The rocket then flew through rifts around the island, before it flew into the sky once again and created the Sideways Rift, better known as the Crack in the Sky. The Sideways Rift remained above the island until mid-Season 5.

The first Cube was born when the Sideways Rift finally closed, and we were unaware of it at the time. The Cube was a malicious and sentient being on a mission to sabotage everything.

Before the event, the Cube, or Kevin as the community had named it, had been transported across the Fortnite island. And it had ended up in Loot Lake, where it became a tiny island and rose to the top, becoming the Floating Island.

The Cube began to spin and shine brightly until all players were transported to The In-Between. A giant rift began to form on the players' fingers before they were brought back to reality. When Loot Lake was rebuilt, it became a small group of islands.

The Ice King wanted to stop the melting of Polar Peak. An ice sphere sat atop Polar Peak, where players could see The Ice King inside. This is where he held The Cube fragments.

The Ice King summoned a large apparition of himself and covered the entire map with snow, causing Ice Fiends to spawn across the island.

Showtime was the first non-story live event in Fortnite, being a concert held by Marshmello. The on-stage effects would vary depending on the setlist. This included anti-gravity.

Showtime set the stage for future Fortnite live events that were irrelevant to the Fortnite story or world.

The government began digging sites around the Island, and dug up Loot Lake, only to discover a vault beneath.

Players could exit the vault, finding The Zero Point as an orb. Players had the choice of one of six unvaulted items from previous seasons, and players chose the Drum Gun. After the item became available, players were returned to the Island.

After The Unvaulting, the volcano erupted, causing the destruction of half of Retail Row, as well as cracking Polar Peak, and destroying Tilted Towers.

The Devourer began destroying the Island, with the Imagined Order willingly letting it. However, they were concerned that the creature might harm The Zero Point.

The Paradigm accepted the opportunity to teach the Mech, who is officially known as the Mecha Team Leader. The Mech uses a Neo Tilted statue, which is now a sword, to kill the monster. The Mech then emotes and flew toward The Ice Moon.

After the event, the most significant event was the release of The Zero Point, which caused the fabric of Time to collapse.

The Chapter 1 end event is perhaps one of Fortnite's most famous events, if not for the event itself, but also for the aftermath.

Similar to the Season 4 event Blast Off, a rocket launching from Dusty Depot slammed straight into a rift in the sky. The other rifts sent more rockets through. They appeared to fly aimlessly until all seven rockets flew into one rift before landing near the Frozen Meteor.

After flying around more, they stopped behind the Frozen Meteor and created a rift in front of it. The meteor unfroze and crashed into the rift, revealing a rift above Loot Lake, with only one rocket visible. It aimed a laser at The Zero Point, before striking into it.

After this, a shockwave caused all players to float endlessly. A meteor appeared above the Zero Point, breaking the bubble surrounding it and causing another shockwave that pushed players further away. A vortex appeared, causing the screen to vibrate, producing a small black hole.

Many Fortnite players were worried that the hit game would be over for almost two days after the Black Hole, with many news outlets reporting on the aftermath. Even all of the Fortnite social media accounts were blacked out during this period of downtime.

The Zero Point reorganized and rearranged Fortnite Island, creating two new islands, Artemis and Apollo. Fortnite Chapter 2 took place mostly on Apollo Island.

This was a Star Wars event for the upcoming release of The Rise of Skywalker, the ninth mainline Star Wars film, and the third in the sequel trilogy.

Before the film was released, players got to see a scene from the film, as well as picking their favorite Lightsaber color and being able to wield it for a few seconds after the event officially ended. Fortnite enthusiasts also got to see the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighters fly in-game, as well as hear Emperor Palpatine over a dangerous broadcast.

Travis Scott performed at the second Fortnite concert, bringing a new perspective to the Battle Royale game.

The concert included a few of Travis Scott's most popular songs, including hits like SICKO MODE and goosebumps.

The whole event also included references to previous Fortnite live events, such as The Final Showdown and Blast Off. Interestingly, players saw the Island for both chapters during the final part of the event.

From the beginning of Chapter 2, the Device was Fortnite's first major story live event.

While sirens blared, four towers erupted from the water around The Agency POI. The Agency exploded, with a shining white light emitting from the center. The Device rose up, with the orb rising above it and expanding. The towers powered up The Device, where it began to fight The Storm.

The Device repelled The Storm, seemingly halting The Storm. However, The Storm created The Wall of Water, which became the storm for a few days before it collapsed and flooded most of the Island.

With the Live Event of The Devourer of Worlds, Chapter 2 Season 4, regarded as the Marvel Season by many fans as due to its direct links with Marvel.

After months of preparation, Galactus finally arrived on the Fortnite Island. All players began on the Helicarrier, which was the spawn island during the season prior to Galactus hitting it, causing the crash. The player was saved by Iron Man.

In The In-Between, players were taken to the inside of a Battle Bus, which was previously hacked by Iron Man, who has since cloned the Battle Bus millions of times, arming them with a powerful bomb and cannons.

As the Battle Bus flew towards Galactus, players were assigned to shoot the drones that Galactus has brought. These Battle Buses exploded and defeated him, causing a new rift. Players were then transported to a cutscene of Agent Jones in the office of The Device, awakening from a nightmare before cutting to a To Be Continued screen.

The Zero Crisis Finale was the first solo live event where players were on a mission with Agent Jones to help save the world.

The Foundation, one of the Seven, went to the inhospitable Zero Point and got inside, which caused reality to begin to unravel.

Jones began to close portals, but The Foundation advised both Jones and the player to be wary of reality waves, which might happen in a single moment. The player then used the Portal Device to close these tears in reality, as Jones became a rift butterfly.

As the player closed the last tear, a gigantic flower blossomed in the sky from The Zero Point. However, it went wrong, and The Foundation constructed a massive stone tower up to The Zero Point. Jones teleported himself and the player to the bottom of the tower, as the player ran to the top.

The player was pushed off and made to float. Jones regained his confidence and The Foundation told Jones that he must overload The Device to seal The Zero Point. Sadly, he was stuck in the loop.

In Season 6, The Foundation sealed himself, and The Spire became a POI.

Ariana Grande performed the third concert for Fortnite, but it does have a direct link to the game's history.

Other songs from other artists took the audience through various stages, including some events from the Fortnites past.

The Last Reality was actually used to record past Fortnite events, both to document the island's history and to learn more about The Zero Point.

The Mothership was seen abducting various pieces of the Fortnite Island just before the event. Doctor Sloane had planted bombs in the hopes that the Mothership would be destroyed when the bombs were detonated.

Doctor Sloane activated these, allowing the players to hack open the cell doors, before helping the players escape the Mothership.

Players spotted a room where they could see the pieces of the Island armed with bombs. A few moments later, The Cube emerged from a purple liquid on the floor. Doctor Sloane was surprised, as she assumed it was destroyed earlier in Season 6. The backpacks became weaponized and enabled The Cube to be disabled.

Doctor Sloane thanked the players for their help, but she betrayed them by saying she wouldnt let them leave the ship, in the hopes that The Cube would also be destroyed. However, the players discovered that they could disable and reboot The Cube, which turned it blue, and made the platform an elevator.

The Mothership exploded, causing players to fall from the sky. A large amount of Corruption Cubes fell onto the Island, along with debris and the rebuilt blue cube. The Island was destroyed in large part.

Before the event, the rebooted Cube formed a shield, protecting the players, as waves of Cube Monsters started to attack the fort. As the countdown to the event came to an end, The Cube Queen sent a beam of energy into the sky, creating a rift to The Last Reality. Players saw hundreds of motherships while a big ship sent waves of Saucers at the player.

A Saucer zapped the rebooted Cube, killing it. Next, a cutscene inside the Imagined Orders base showed players that Sloane was about to execute Jones before The Foundation saved him. The Foundation, taking off his mask, revealed himself as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, before he trapped Sloane inside the cell that Jones was in.

With the help of The Visitor and The Scientist, the players entered a bunker near the fort, where they reached the southern end of the Fortnite Island, until a large Cube Monster, known as a Caretaker, smashed the skylight, causing players to flee far from the Island.

The Cube Queen teleported away as the rift closes, and any remaining Saucers were destroyed by the Islands' descent. This impact caused a megatsunami, which struck the player and knocked them unconscious. If the player attempted to log in to Fortnite during this downtime, they discovered their character floating in the ocean.

Players would play Fortnite at the start of Chapter 3 after a shorter downtime than in Chapter 1s The End live event.

Collision was the first major live event for Chapter 3, which saw the return of the Mecha Team Leader from The Final Showdown.

Before the event began, players were taken to The Ice Moon by the Mecha Team Leader. They were then tasked with maneuvering the turrets, as The Paradigm piloted the Mech.

The Mech landed at Synapse Station, being greeted by a large amount of Imagined Order forces, among others.

Peely came in a Slurp truck, picking it up and crushing it, which healed the Mecha Team Leader.

The collider fell off the ground just before the Mecha Team Leader could dismantle The Collider. Jones arrived, assisting the players in escaping the Mech and heading upwards as The Paradigm attempted to restart the Mech. Sloane arrived in a tank, before the Mech crushed it with its fist, apparently defeating Sloane.

After that, The Paradigm helped lift the players up. While Jones and The Foundation hopped into The Zero Point, the player shots and destroyed crystal detonators, and The Zero Points fell down, and The Paradigm protected the players while The Collider collapsed.

As they embraced the new reality, the Foundation and Jones splintered.

So here's the recap of every single Fortnite live event, but there will be plenty more as the Fortnite story develops. Stay tuned for updates on any upcoming live events or if you miss any in the future!