Pennywise: The Story of IT Documentary Lands a UK Distribution Deal

Pennywise: The Story of IT Documentary Lands a UK Distribution Deal ...

The fear of big honking clown shoes is the reason for so many childhood anxieties. From stray balloons floating in the streets to blood in the bathroom sink, you can thank the iconic 1990 miniseries IT for your childhood anxieties. According to Deadline, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment will buy the distribution rights for the film in the United Kingdom soon.

Pennywise: The Story of IT is co-directed by John Capopiano and Christopher Griffiths. The film was first released at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain, and has already been distributed in the United States by Cinedigm. It will include interviews with Curry along with other actors from the miniseries, including Seth Green and Richard Thomas.

Spencer Pollard, the CEO of Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, as well as Laurence Gronall of Unannounced Film Company, have signed a new agreement with Kaleidoscope Entertainment. "[w]e are] all excited to be working on this wonderful story," Pollard said. The story of Pennywise when it was first released in the United States is a popular topic on Twitter.

The documentary will surely be a must-see for all horror enthusiasts, and it's time we get a closer look at one of the most famous Stephen King adaptations. Earlier this year, the miniseries took a back seat to the 2017 and 2019 two-part adaptations, which introduced a new generation of horror enthusiasts to the demented clown. However, Tim Curry will never be replaced as the definitive Pennywise, and the next documentary will give proper credit to the man behind the clown's nose in many iconic and

The digital release of the film is scheduled for October 3. The DVD and Blu-ray release for the film is scheduled for October 24, just in time for Halloween. You can see the trailer for the project below.