Dispatch Games Is Seemingly Dead After Endless Delays and Empty Words

Dispatch Games Is Seemingly Dead After Endless Delays and Empty Words ...

Dispatch Games' dreadful state has apparently reached its tragic and inevitable conclusion, in what may only be described as a veritable catastrophe.

Dispatch Games has announced that it is no longer providing physical games like Game Tengoku, Radirgy Swag, and Rail Sim, and that customers who have been waiting for Dispatch's reassurances, will simply not receive the titles they paid for, most recently back in June.

Let's recap first. Back in 2020, we covered Dispatch Games' inability to fulfill pre-orders for its games and the apparent lack of communication with customers that followed. Social media and direct contact channels were met with total silence from the company, and fans were understandably frustrated with the situation.

Dispatch Games has made many attempts to restart its operations, going so far as to eschew a Twitter post that has now been deleted, along with almost all of its previous communication. The company promised to provide digital codes to those who are waiting for pre-orders of Game Tengoku, and it appears that some people received them as promised.

Dispatch Games has been labelled 'inactive' on the Tennessee State website as of August 9th, 2022, following a similar decision by the California State back in October, which similarly labelled Dispatch Games as'suspended.' All signs indicate that the company has effectively stopped functioning and is now a defunct entity.

What does this mean for customers who are waiting for pre-orders or refunds? Sadly, chances are they won't be receiving either. We've reached out to Dispatch Games for further information or assistance, but given the company's history of being radio silence since at least June following repeated instances of promises followed by long periods of nothing, we're not optimistic.

The whole thing has been a disaster for the company itself, but even more important for its expectant customers. Dispatch Games should at least provide some explanation and justification for its actions, or lack thereof.

Have you ever been impacted by Dispatch Games' business practices? What do you think the company needs to do in order to make things right? Is it even possible? Let us know.

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