Dan Harmon of Rick And Morty Reveals Surprising Insight Into Season 6 Premiere Twist, Plus An Update On Evil Morty

Dan Harmon of Rick And Morty Reveals Surprising Insight Into Season 6 Premiere Twist, Plus An Update ...

For anyone who hasn't seen the Rick and Mortys Season 6 premiere, here are some spoilers!

Rick and Morty, an Emmy-nominated actor, followed the creative teams' updated serialized storytelling strategy, while revealing that Prime Morty is the true grandfather of the deceased. (Complete with a glorious return to the Cronenberg dimension for a quick catch-up with the most badass Jerry possible)

As Harmon explained, the final episode of Solaricks and season 6 as a whole represent a comeback for Rick and Morty, following a season that was halted by the 2019 death of producer and guiding light Mike Mendel, who received an on-screen tribute during the premiere. At this point, the co-creator and executive producer freely speaks up the fact that he is no longer leading the ship anymore, and Harmon said the team was working towards figuring out the whole storyline.

A lot of times I'm very dependent on younger writers who are actually fans of the show, and I trust them to keep track of everything better than I can. However, at this point in the game, I realized that, based on the conversation we were having right now, Cronenberg World may have been the home of Morty's grandfather, which imply that he isn't Morty's grandfather. So I wouldnt trust one person to do it.

I like to think that there is a mythical book in the Adult Swim offices that explains everything you need to know about Rick and Morty's alt-dimensions and how everything has connected over the years. (And yes, the book probably floats above its pedestal, breaking the laws of physics as we know it.) It's also funny to hear Dan Harmon talk about his chaotic creation evolving in ways that he's not immediately aware of.

To be surprised by a reveal like Prime Morty's origins for characters he designed to life in the first place is quite disturbing, especially with animated series whose creators have lots of other projects going on simultaneously. Plus, the Season 6 premiere was probably written 2+ years ago, so im sure there have been many other twists and turns that have taken place in the interim.

Dan Harmon answered one of the biggest questions that fans had following Season 5's conclusion: Evil Morty will be back on our screens at some point in Rick and Morty's future, although it may be a while before it happens.

Evil Morty will be back in the future. I caution that we may not be seeing him soon. He was a pleasant guy to forget about because he just wanted to get beyond the Central Finite Curve. (Laughs.) But right now weve written Season 7 and are working on Season 8 thats the only way for us to be able to keep on schedule.

As opposed to the other way around, an Evil Morty is just like the Spanish Inquisition in that way. [Waits for the Spanish Inquisition to burst through the door, which never happens.] Of course, now we can start theorizing that Murderer Rick is actually Evil Morty in disguise, and that Morty is 100% his own grandfather. That's the only way this show ends.

Every Sunday night on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. ET, Rick and Mortys dimension-hopping Season 6 mayhem continues. While waiting for new episodes, check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule.