The Rock Attended Test Screenings For Black Adam, See People Freak Out

The Rock Attended Test Screenings For Black Adam, See People Freak Out ...

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has shown off his pecs, muscles, and superhero strength in WWE and films like The Scorpion King, Jungle Cruise, Hercules, and the Jumanji films. Why not include the DC Universe in his portfolio? Just when test audiences are ecstatic to see Dwayne Johnsons new DCEU film Black Adam, its lead actor makes an unexpected appearance.

Dwayne Johnson was able to see his entire passion film without being noticed in the dark theater when the lights came on. But once the lights came on, the actor himself freaked out audiences the minute he revealed himself.

Dwayne Johnson's tweet (opens in new tab) follows the same thread.

On Twitter, a photo was taken of a stranger.

So, apparently, Johnson admitted in his Instagram caption that he always participated in the screenings of his films. This goes to show that before a film comes on, viewers should play the game Spot the Actor. But, he just couldnt help himself wanting to get feedback from his #1 employer-the audience. People applauded, screamed, and even cried as soon as The Rock revealed himself in his spectacular final performance.

Johnson, a former professional wrestler, expresses how special this film was for him and how he couldnt wait for the whole world to see it. This is because he believes in his character's unstoppable force.

Is it true that Dwayne Johnson's effort in Black Adam will have a long run in the DCEU? The Jumanji actor intends to continue to play Black Adam but also to broaden the Black Adam universe? Is it possible that Johnson's powerful forces will create his own universe called the Black Adam Extended Universe (BAEU)?

D.J. made sure to close off his Instagram video caption by letting fans know that the second trailer for Black Adam will be released worldwide sometime this week. The Rock has proved on numerous occasions how important it is to be there for the fans. The least we can do is meet him halfway and give his passion project a chance when the upcoming DC film premieres on October 21st.